Dubai Health Care City

February 11, 2021

DHCC or also DUBAI HEALTHCARE CITY, one of the Free Zones in Dubai, established in the year of 2002, to provide a world-class health care services to people living in Dubai and UAE, from a separate free zone. Hospitals, Clinics, Governmental Departments and health businesses do operate from DHCC. It’s a Free Zone, therefore has its own authority, functional operational infrastructure and separate identity. DHCC also promotes the idea of healthy living, healthy food and a healthy lifestyle.

There is no doubt that the DHCC Authority is an independent infrastructure because this is a Free Zone. Being a Free Zone, DHCC fully operates without any dependence and makes sure that UAE living people are getting the best health services, health policies and health support. Therefore DHCC was established in 2002, just to provide better health care services and to make the operations better than before because health matters can not be taken non seriously.

DHCC has two phases. DHCC Phase-1 is Created for medical education while Phase-2 covers wellness. DHCC also provides the Medical education inside to fulfil the demand of health experts. All the operations of DHCC are governed and managed by a regulatory agency called DHCR. Millions of people do visit DHCC every year. The Dubai government is committed to providing world-class health care services, therefore a separate Free Zone was created to regulate and monitor the health care services. As per the government and rulers of Dubai, there is no compromise in good health, medical facilities and health care services. It is also a Tax-Free Zone-like other Free Zones.

DHCC is among the world’s biggest and dedicated health care facilities with education centres, universities, clinics, hospitals and government offices inside. It is one of the best steps taken by the Dubai Government. It all shows that the Dubai Government and the UAE Government is very much serious for people about their prosperity and well being. The measures taken by the Dubai Government are amazing.

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