Dubai Advocates

January 30, 2019

Often we hear the word “advocate” or “advocacy”, but hardly some of us would know the meaning. An advocate is a person who supports an idea given by the other person, or the advocacy is seen in an argument. However, the advocates have to talk on legal grounds. A person would need an advocate who will support his stance in his legal affairs. There are many advocates in dubai who are willingly helping the clients in their legal matters, related to the workplace and even in the family. The advocates defend the person’s case in the court in front of the court judges. Basically, the advocate has to tell the person that what exactly is the problem with his case and how shall he cope up with it. They make every effort to resolve the issue. The advocate will enlighten you with your rights so that you are equally treated in other places, especially in the UAE, where discrimination is done enough to the employees.

The advocates have to support the client in a way that their opinions are heard and communicated in the best manner. A person needs someone who can tell him that his opinion is acknowledged by a legal advisor and that he can trust the advocate for giving him all the information regarding the legal case. The advocates in dubai understand the fact that the client must be going through an emotional rollercoaster.

They have the idea that the client might not be thinking clearly and is unable to make a rational decision. Therefore, the advocate comes in and help the client in making the right decision that benefits the client. The advocate should not fire up the legal case by talking more about the opposition party. However, the healthy relationship between a client and the advocate will build the trust and he must give realistic hopes to the client. A positive feedback shall be provided to the client, instead, the advocate gossips about the other party. The advocate must follow the code of ethics in his office and as well in the court.