Divorce Rights of Woman in UAE

February 9, 2022

Today’s legal blog is pure legal knowledge that is about Family Law or Personal Status Law. Our Family Lawyers in Dubai, can also be Booked for grabbing the legal expert advice. Let us clear from the beginning that a woman has a right as per Law to file a case if she is not being paid matrimonial rights. The matrimonial rights are the alimony of kids, her expense, household or all the necessary expense. Article 1 UAE Personal Status Law is used here and implemented here. Non-Muslims are also covered in this Article where the Non-Muslim couple also have to pay the matrimonial expense, it means husband to wife.

We repeat that UAE Personal Status Law Article 1 covers up and explains such rights. Non-Muslims can only be granted the exemption if there is some religious obligation or social obligation which is inevitable. Applicant’s or Defendant’s court location, business place, the birthplace will have the right to process, investigate and examine the court case. As far as the law is concerned then we have told you about this before that which law will be preferred to be used in UAE Courts.

As per Law, if the expense is not paid to the lady she has the right to ask for separation. UAE Law # 124(Article 124), is designed to describe this situation that a lady becomes fully entitled to asking for divorce If she is not supported by her husband. If the husband is not having enough funds then it will not be considered as an excuse because first of all, he has to prove it. If he can’t then the judge can pass the verdict of quick divorce/separation. The woman is granted a right not to live with her husband if he is not supporting to woman, in short. UAE Law Article 124 is all about this matter.

Some conditions are also seen when the husband claims that he is insolvent but he wants to be with his wife. Then the judge can order him granting a month to get established. If he can’t meet with his responsibilities then the judge can pass the quick verdict of divorce. Sharia Law is meant to protect women, family as well as husbands.

The ladies cheating on their husbands, should not think that they can get the escape because the UAE Law protects the woman equals to any other safe and developed country in the world. If women are found guilty then they are also punished as per Law. The divorce requests are also rejected by the Court if the divorce request is baseless.