Divorce Lawyer UAE – The recent demand level

February 19, 2022

Marriage is considered the most important building block of a society, whereas divorce has serious consequences for the family as well as society. The past few years have shown a dramatic change in family structure all over the world and has also resulted in a rise in divorce rates. Patience level has been reduced or people do not prefer a domestic structure more and prefer to be alone or independent, is a different debate. We are supposed to throw the light on divorce, divorce lawyers, divorce lawyers in dubai, family and personal status lawyers and other family law things.

UAE: Divorce Rate in UAE:

This is true for the United Arab Emirates as well. Divorce rates in the UAE, like other countries, have increased significantly over the past few years. The Department of Community Development conducted research, whose results state that 62% of the couples in Abu Dhabi face divorce within the first four years of marriage. Some of the reasons highlighted as the causes of divorce include poor communication and the ability to resolve conflict, time management, and a delay or unwillingness in seeking couple counselling. The UAE Statistics Centre has also voiced its concern over the rise in divorce rates. Their studies have revealed that 28 percent of the marriages between Emirati couples in the UAE end within the first year, whereas 50 percent of marriages end in less than three years.

Importance of Family Lawyers and Family Legal Consultants:

This scenario explains the importance of family lawyers in dubai and UAE. Previously perhaps the Family Lawyers were not used to be or considered important lawyers but now the family lawyers are considered equally important like Business Lawyers, Commercial Lawyers, or other Advocates in Dubai. Even the simple expert family law legal consultants are considered the important legal consultants in the United Arab Emirates. Family Lawyers are not only important for the dissolution of a marriage, but rather they can help before a marriage, during marriage and, as mentioned above, for the dissolution as well.

Before a marriage, family lawyers can ensure the protection of the interests of both parties and can prepare contracts for the same. Similarly, at the time of dissolution, lawyers ensure that their client does not suffer at the hands of the other party. Usually, family law cases deal with very personal and emotional matters, therefore, it is very important that all aspects of the case are handled tactfully and without any additional stress for the client. The situation has a tendency to escalate issues and can lead to ugliness. Therefore, the good family lawyers in dubai should understand the emotional costs for the client and their families, especially in case of custody issues, and should work to minimize those costs without compromising on the outcomes, which should be in the best interests of the client.

Moral Grounds:

People should not forget human values and moral values. People should not forget that the best policy in the world to live happily is a combination of love, affection, support, loyalty, tolerance and sacrifice. When a couple is divorced or separated then they might not be affected but the kids can be. They can ruin the life of their kids as well as their lives. Therefore we recommend if the family disputes are just based on ego, little mistakes then it should be resolved and not taken to a serious level.