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Divorce, and Family Lawyers

Divorce, and Family Lawyers

Divorce, Marriage and Family Lawyers in Dubai

Please always consult a Law Firm or the Family Lawyer before taking any legal action for Divorce. Divorce in Islam though not liked by God, but it is granted an option to both parties to get apart if they want. They can go to Court and get a verdict as per Sharia Laws for divorce, custody of the KIDS, Alimony etc. Therefore, It can be initiated by Husband as well as Wife, as both are granted with this Option. Rules of divorce and for the divorce are only governed and can only be governed by Sharia Law because the rules are defined by Sharia Law and Islam and Muslims are supposed to resolve their personal and other disputes as per Sharia Law. If someone wants to get or give divorce then first he should find a good Family Lawyer, consult him then if possible go to Court for a fair judgement as per Sharia Law. Islam allows man and woman that if they can not retain more the marriage, its harmony and understanding with each other then they can take the initiative. Waiting period for menstruating women and for non-menstruating women, rules, procedures, implementations are defined by Sharia Law. Similarly, rules and obligations required for the men are also defined by Law. Sharia Law beautifully covers all the requirement for Muslim Men and Muslim Women. Sharia Law covers the child custody, the distribution of property if a couple owns together as well as alimony. This is the beauty of Sharia Law. 

Emirati Family Law Firm and Family Lawyers

We suggest hiring an Emirati Law Firm and Emirati Family Lawyers. If you are in stress that your marriage is going to be broken and the legal service providers are just trying to catch you just to make a monkey rather help you then reputed Emirati Law Firm is the best option. Such quality Law Firms will also advise you for the Mediation. Such Law Firms will try to resolve the matter amicably outside the court so they could save the relationship. When a couple is not convinced then, based on their confirmation, it can be taken to the level of Court. As we stated in the beginning that, Please consult the Family Lawyers before taking any action. Laws can be changed, modified or amended(though Sharia Laws are not), and religion also plays a big role in Family Cases. Check with the Local Family Lawyers, Embassies and your Native Country lawyers before moving to Court Level, same it applies for getting legal advice. Local Family Lawyers means the Emirati National Lawyers/Advocates, not those who are working in the UAE. We strongly recommend that one should prefer to hire well known Emirati Lawyers. ASK THE LAW Al Shaiba Advocates & Legal Consultants, and the lawyer Mr Mohammad Ebrahim Hassan Al Shaiba, offer great valuable services this regard. Book your legal consultation session with Lawyer Mr Mohammad Ebrahim Hassan Al Shaiba. 


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