February 20, 2022

DIFC or Dubai International Financial Centre. It is not just a Free Zone, it is a special Free Zone indeed. It was founded in 2004 when the concept was to provide a platform to UAE, GCC and the rest of the world where the world’s best businesses could interact. DIFC has its own legal system therefore the Lawyers and Legal Consultants for DIFC are other than regular Lawyers and Legal Consultants. DIFC Courts are also separate from other regular Dubai Courts. It is one of the best Financial and Business Platforms in the world. It has its own law. It is a free zone therefore it offers tax relaxations to its users. More than 2000 companies are registered here while thousands of employees are also working. DIFC has its complete and independent law.

Dubai and UAE’s best financial companies and financial service providers are operating here. DIFC is a combination of innovation, results, production, services, quality, future approach and success. Retailers to Service Providers, all are part of DIFC. There is no doubt that DIFC is one of the best business hubs in Dubai, UAE, GCC and the world.