Criminal Law and Criminal Lawyers

February 14, 2022

Before discussing the Criminal Law, Criminal Offenses and Criminal Lawyers, let us clear one important point as per the new Law revised and implemented in 2022, the bounced cheques will not be a criminal offence. Therefore there are no more police complaints or criminal cases. Now direct executions can be opened in court, even rather than filling the court case. A quick execution will help the creditor to recover the money as soon as possible. Debtors can’t buy the time through delay tactics and tactics of not paying. As far as Best Criminal Lawyers in Dubai or Criminal Lawyers in Abu Dhabi are concerned then, UAE provides very smart Emirati Advocates and Legal Consultants. It does not become a big deal this way when it comes to arranging the criminal law advocates and legal consultants.

First, a complaint is recorded in the nearest police station or the police station where the crime is reported. The police start the investigation and gather the information from small level investigations to great community level investigations. Once they are completed with their work then they have to submit their report to public prosecution. Public Prosecution is the state council that is supposed to investigate the matter on legal grounds as per UAE Criminal Law where some times other laws are also required to be indulged e.g. Labour and Employment Law, Civil Law UAE, Family Law UAE, Real Estate.

One Lawyer is enough if another case or a few other cases also need to be registered. For example more than on criminal cases, more than one labour law case or other cases in future like criminal cases, civil cases. This scenario does not call separate Civil Lawyers or specialised lawyers. Such Lawyers who do handle all the cases for one client are called the All-Rounder Lawyers. All Rounder Lawyers are the alternative name to full-service lawyers. The complainant has to submit the evidence and witnesses. Witnesses can be called by police to public prosecution. If these are not brought at the time, then the complainant can be answerable to police and public prosecution. Travel Ban is also one of the options for the complainant if he could prove that there is a serious potential loss if the ban is not put on the defender or accused.

Police Complaints, Court Cases, and Prosecution all are free of cost. If an expert report needs to be prepared then the complainant might have to pay an expert. These experts are on the court panel but not those who are hired during the case by the court. These are kind of private experts but licensed and authorised experts who are on the panel of courts. If your lawyer takes the money from you for paying court expenses then please double-check. Usually, there is no cost involved in criminal cases. UAE does not have serious or violent crimes usually, therefore if a serious crime is found then state security agencies can also be involved.

Punishments and fines or either of both can be the punishment. Punishments and fines are given as per the defined Law. No Body is kept in prison without any reason or charges. Criminal Offenses are not tolerated by the UAE Government, therefore it is suggested that before moving to UAE, please do confirm about the criminal offence and those things which are not allowed in Dubai and the entire UAE.