Civil, Criminal & Employment Lawyers

October 30, 2019

UAE is a place where the crime rate is very low. You may say in short, the safest place in the world to live, especially for families and women. Little Crimes can be seen and observed a few times but the violent crimes are not observed. Even if you compare with North America, Europe and other Developed Countries, you will find UAE safest and best place to live. 

Criminal Lawyers in UAE mostly hire for forgery, bounced cheques, etc. Like we explained above, that these lawyers are not hired for violent crime. Criminal Lawyers help people and companies to help resolving Criminal Charges and Cases. Sharing Information Cases, Non-Disclosure, Non-Competition cases are also filed as criminal cases by the complainant. The complaint which is logged in Police Stations is forwarded to Public Prosecutor. The next and last place is the Court. Criminal Lawyers in Dubai, UAE and Legal Consultants are a great support. Many good Law Firms are having good lawyers and consultants, offering reliable and result-oriented legal services. Similarly, Civil Law disputed Cases are dealt with by Civil Lawyers in UAE. Civil Cases are filed for getting back the compensations, amounts, unpaid amounts, etc.

Criminal and Civil Lawyer can be a single one in most of the Cases, because many times Criminal and Civil Cases are planned to be filed together or one after the previous one. Such Lawyers in UAE are the best in their expertise and having good knowledge. Because they can manage a Civil and Criminal Case together. Prefer to hire an Emirati lawyer or law firm in the United Arab Emirates. People who are caught in adultery, and having sexual relations without wedlock, can be deported and fine. It is one of the crimes which are not tolerated by government/law. Forgery, Fraudulent activities, wrong representations for the sake of benefits, if found then treated with iron hands. Visitors and residents are suggested to stay away from Criminal Activities, they would have to go through serious consequences, otherwise. Compensations are mostly required by Businesses. Civil Courts award compensations and also other corporate outstandings. Even if the cheque got bounced and the case has to be filed then a Civil Litigation Court will award his amount. Therefore for monetary terms, Civil Cases are filed. One thing also needs to be noted that the lawyers in dubai or UAE, claiming the best, can not be best always. First, they need to be checked properly. 

Respect of Month Ramadan is essential. Everyone is expected that he or she will respect this Holy Month of Islam. They any breach or unusual activity might put people in trouble as well if they are found exceeding limits or breaching the law. Law enforcement agency, police department are always available to help people and protect people. If anybody has the issue he can call the Police. Law and justice are provided without discrimination. Anybody who is treated with injustice can get access to Labour Court, Police Station, Civil Court, Criminal Court etc. Complaints can be logged and cases can be registered. People can get a good judgement for the injustices. Role of Lawyers other than the judiciary is also good. But just good lawyer needs to be hired if good lawyers are hired then the case can be managed in a good way. The selection criteria based on a good rational decision, always hire a good lawyer.  

Arbitrary Dismissal 

Arbitrary Dismissal/Wrongful Termination is a very common term in UAE. The reason is simple, there are a large number of jobs, a large number of opportunities, therefore, a large number of hiring and terminations. When someone is terminated on wrongful grounds, then he needs a lawyer to prove it and bring compensation for him. These Lawyers are also called Labour Lawyers, and Employment Lawyers and sometimes wrongful termination lawyers. Most of the times these lawyers are succeeded to bring the judgements if the termination really used to base on invalid grounds.