Certain Questions to Lawyers

November 20, 2021

Certain questions need to be asked from the lawyers while signing the agreement with him. Before getting him on board, it is quite important to ask certain questions. Don’t be afraid to ask direct and tricky questions because lawyers deal with such situations on a daily basis. Secondly, you have all the right to ask the questions. Ask the lawyers about their experience and training. If you know you have to incorporate them, you must ask them whether they have work experience in the same industry or not. If they have handled similar cases in the previous years, things will turn in your favour as its knowledge and information are vast. Even though the Lawyers in Dubai, regarded as the best Emirati Lawyers in UAE, should be asked these certain questions.

It is a provision granted by the Law, and it is a right of the person who has to pay to Lawyer and give him his case. You should ask them about their connectivity with the legal market and the industry that how long he has been working in the market and how many Law Firms or companies he has served. Everyone is not aware of all the areas of law, it’s simply impossible to do so. This is important because it makes it easy to identify the problems and perform the relevant operation to fix them if required. If the problem is big, then it requires the lawyers in Dubai to perform the procedures to reach reasonable conclusions. 

When a Layman asks questions more than the limits then a good Lawyer will always show patience. When a lawyer does not show patience or can’t show patience then trust us there is no need for that Lawyer, even he is Emirati or competent. This thing is separate than questions can be found easily by a client who has good judgement behaviour. Law Firms normally have different types of Advocates and Legal Consultants. Legal Consultants in Dubai, and the Dubai Lawyers have privilege due to multiple reasons. There are the ones who bring in the new clients to them; the second ones are the ones who make the existing clients happier and satisfied. The last ones are the ones who do the work. The lawyer you take on board must be a combination of all this.

Talk with the second and third ones to assess whether you will be able to proceed further. It’s crucial to be comfortable and like-minded to address a legal problem. It is not meant to win the new clients only, the existing ones must be kept happy by providing them with the good service. The fee is something that is the decision-making factor. Therefore, it must be discussed in advance to avoid unnecessary misconceptions and arguments. You must ask what fee the lawyer will charge you. If you think of any concessions directly ask them will they be flexible in their billing or not? It has to be in instalments, one goes payment or even the contingency, It should be clearly written in the agreement. Fee taken in different courts must also be cleared. Nothing should be kept secret and the client has to ask the lawyer, agree with the lawyer then write in the agreement. Negotiations on fee charges must be done in advance. Agree to it if you are fully satisfied with it plus, you are in a position to easily pay it. They pay a charge contingency or a flat fee. This must be discussed before the final decision-making. Certain questions can be summarised as follows;

  • Ask about the qualification of the Lawyer.
  • Ask about his license.
  • Ask about the number of years he is working.
  • Ask about the success rate.
  • Ask about the number of Law Firms, the lawyer has worked for.
  • Prefer to deal with the chairman.
  • Read out the agreement carefully and double-check all the agreements with the lawyer first so both of you must be at one page and have one understanding.
  • Finalize the Fee in the beginning.
  • Finalize the course of action in the beginning.
  • You must be done with the solution and direction in the beginning.

There are multiple Law Companies in Dubai like Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants who are super professional and recruit the best team of Advocates/Lawyers and Legal Consultants. Even the paralegals who work for such companies are super talented. Thie mentioned company also writes in Gulf News. Such reputations are enough to have an idea about the status of the Law Company. Must ask certain questions and do not hesitate on any point. Last but not the least, even when you are going to hire a Law Firm mentioned here for reference, do not be scared or forget to ask these questions.