When can a Labour Lawyer come Handy

February 5, 2020

When you own a business in Dubai it does not matter whether its big or small the need to hire a Labour and Employment Lawyer is of great importance. Especially when the employment laws are improved and upgraded regularly, you need to have a competent legal advisor in dubai, who can give you the right guidance when needed and legal representation when it is due. There could be times when your employees are on a strike or a contract dispute is becoming too much or resentments are filed by your workers a legal counsel can be handy.


We are living in an industrial era where issues need to be looked after by a labour lawyer. There are different types of industries like schools, airports, agriculture, service sector, manufacturing as well as hospitals etc. The bigger the industry the more are the employees and so are the formation of unions. Union matters are very delicate and to address those issues it’s important to have a well competent lawyer who can help you if a dispute takes place. Though there is no concept of Union in UAE, on the general ground, Labour Lawyers are also useful to resolve the disputes of or with unions. But becasue of the larger opportunity, the disputes are found larger too, therefore labour lawyers are like a cool breeze in the desert. Big companies also hire lawyers on a permanent basis. 

Contract Disputes

Contact issues take place when a new contract is being settled between the workers and the employer. It could either go very well or could turn into a dispute. Issues like a salary increase, medical facility or work timings can take place. This might cause some serious trouble if they are not handled properly the employees can call a strike this can cause you a financial blow and that is the last thing you want for your business. You will end up with incomplete orders, the employees can also shut the workstation and call it a strike. Things can turn pretty ugly pretty quickly. In cases like these, it’s important to take the necessary legal steps to ensure anything like this does not happen. While drafting a labour contract, always make sure that each and every responsibility must be, included in the Contract so nothing could be proved ambiguous in the future. Nothing could remain unsolved in future. It should be drafted by Labour Lawyers who are having great knowledge of labour contract drafting and business moa drafting.

Objection Filed

If you have criticized or reprimanded your employee for doing something wrong they can hold it against you and file a lawsuit claiming the criticism was unjust. Such cases like these, the labour lawyer defends the company. A meditation which is a meeting takes place between both parties to solve the issues. An experienced Labour & Employment Lawyer can handle such matters better than other general lawyers. We recommend an expert lawyer and fully licensed or the lawyer who has spent more than two decades in the market dealing with Labor Law UAE matters. Labour & Employment Lawyers in Dubai, are the great support for the businesses.