September 7, 2017


In the fast-moving world, each one is striving hard to earn good money. Most of us don’t even know if we are exploited by our employers. As an employee, we have several laws and under those labour laws, we should be working. In some businesses, we are not even paid the minimum wage. To our vulnerability, most of us don’t even know if we can negotiate your salary. There are several labour law services in each country to help the labourers with their cases that they cannot resolve themselves. In UAE, the labour law is important for everyone, whether outsourced or employed in UAE. The labour laws in the UAE mechanism works for labour participation, enhance their skills and provide them with a competitive environment. The labour law services act as a bridge between the employer and the employer relationships.

The labour law services are provided to those who have questions related to their workplace. Also, they would help you to deal with a labour case on your behalf if you feel less qualified to win your own case. That does not matter if you are an Emirati or not. The sole responsibility of labour rights depends on the services that provide job opportunities to people. It is the responsibility of the labour law services to guide the labour for his legal rights and tell them their actual worth so that they can get a better opportunity in UAE. Most of the labour force have questions about their probation period, basic salary, and allowance benefits during and after they leave the job. How often can they ask for sick leave and what if they want a few more? More importantly, they are concerned about the contract and termination letter.  Some businesses don’t allow to terminate the contract immediately. Therefore, it is better to consult a labour lawyer if you want to leave the job before the contractual time period expires. You can book the legal consultation with ASK THE LAW AL SHAIBA ADVOCATES, Employment Lawyers to check Labour Rights, Labour Law UAE, Labour Work Rights.

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Role Of Labour Lawyers

Labour lawyers are the most important part of a company. Basically, the labour lawyer bridges the gap between the government and the labour union. In most parts of the world, there are conflicts between the government and labour unions. There, the labour law services are helpful. Those services are given by legal firms and also individuals are known as a legal consultant. Though, Dubai is considered one of the expensive places. Surprisingly, the labour is cheap in Dubai. Specifically, if we talk about lawyers, they are professional and licensed. Hence, you really don’t have to worry. They work in a legal framework provided them by the government. It is important that you trust the lawyer. If you don’t trust them, then there is no use of hiring them.

Secondly, they charge a good amount of fee but don’t think that they keep it all. In fact, most of the money goes for your case’s settlement and the less percentage is charged as their fee. Moreover, the labour law services in Dubai are convenient for the clients who want to pay the fee like instalments. In such cases, the lawyers charge you hourly which develops trust on both sides. The labour lawyers help you in every type of case that is related to work such as; employee harassment, conflicts between employee and employer, contract renewal issues and other problems that you might face at work. Mainly, it depends on how much can you actually afford. Therefore, whenever you are searching for a labour lawyer, kindly know his work experience. That way you will know how much should you pay him and what is his demand.

The labour lawyers should be comfortable with you. It is important that the element of transparency should remain between you two. When you explain your case, he should discuss strategies with you. That will keep both sides updated. Let’s suppose, you are an employer and you need to contact a Labour and Employment Lawyer for getting legal advice that how an employee should be served with a warning letter. Labour and Employment Lawyer will guide about the content of the warning letter, time of the letter and the manner it should be served. If the criteria or the procedure defined by Labour Law UAE is not followed then it can provide the employee with a provision to defend himself or even go against the employer.