ASK THE LAW – Emirati Lawyers & Legal Consultants

December 30, 2017

ASK THE LAW is a legal entity of UAE connected with the reputed and top law firm in UAE, which is Dubai based. ASK THE LAW operates in UAE and across the nation, from a Law Firm. A team of Emirati lawyers & Consultants who have been practising in the region for over 20 years. ASK THE LAW is a team who is master of Legal services and considered expert for Labour Law UAE, Civil Litigation, Family Law, and last but not the least Debt Collection. Debt Collection is a type of mediation outside the court. Because AS THE LAW is a trusted name so individuals and businesses can trust ASK THE LAW and Al Shaiba Advocates & Legal Consultants, blindly.

UAE is a country of business and trade. More than 75% people of UAE are expatriates in which a large population of expatriates are comprised of Pakistanis and Indians. Though employment Dispute is not very rare people have to suffer from this whenever some have to face wrongful termination or any other employment dispute, as Visa Cancellation and finding a new job, are other challenges after being terminated on wrongful grounds. ASK THE LAW helps you in Labour & Employment Disputes, as the expert Emirati attorneys are well trained and experienced to resolve the Labour Law, disputes from the platform of ASK THE LAW. ASK THE LAW has complete capacity to resolve the disputes outside the courts and inside the court by providing result-oriented legal services and continuous follow-up. Documentation and Drafting in the legal process is the most important phase. We can proudly say that, ASK THE LAW has the best team of Lawyers in UAE, who prepares the best Legal Drafts memorandum, obviously which can only be prepared by only the master experts.