Asset management is a systematic process of handling, maintaining, upgrading and disposing of assets in a cost effective way. This term is mostly applied in the financial world to the working of such entities which manage assets on behalf of somebody else called as asset management companies operating under asset management companies law. Asset management is of different types which are not just limited to financial assets. It also includes infrastructure and public assets which are of public importance and enterprise level asset management. Assets could be the physical or non-physical management of both is of the highest value of any business.

We provide legal services regarding asset management to clients like banks, insurance companies, brokers, sponsors of financial products, custodians and depositories, mortgage lenders and pension providers, enterprises on their products and government regulations surrounding their activities and business. We regularly advise them with legal advice regarding fund formations, regulatory compliance, negotiating investment, management of documentation, agreements drafting, setting up IT based asset management and ascertaining correct values of assets.

Asset management sector is undergoing an overhaul due to changes in regulatory frameworks. With the promotion of alternative product offering, traditional workings of this sector have changed. Traditional ways of investment were only limited to stocks, bonds, and cash but now people are investing in commodities, hedge funds, carbon credits, real estate, private equity and financial derivatives. Correct estimation of such products can be difficult and conflicting leading to litigation and court cases. Our experts have the international experience of working with asset managers in dealing with both alternative and traditional ways of investment and asset management. Our advice has helped many in this business to handle legalities in a business-conforming way leading to overall reductions in costs. We believe that our global experience can help UAE clients as well.