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June 30, 2020

The Legal Knowledge

Are partners considered an employee in the Business? Obviously not. Federal Law No. 8 of 1980, covers and governs all the Labour & Employment Cases. It says that Partners are not the employees. They are investors and they should be treated as the investor. But, if you are also holding Employee Status means working as Employee, having Employment VISA etc, then you can be treated as Employee. Above situation is only for those who are just investing the money and they are not holding any position at all as an employee. Legal Consultants should be checked for the latest updates.

The Labour and Employment Lawyers

Limited Contract bounds employees to complete it, he can be given a labour ban otherwise as well as he has to pay 45 Days Salary. If there is a mutual agreement signed between two parties then it can be the exception. The employer can not terminate a worker when he is on leave. Well, Labour & Employment Lawyers should be consulted by both parties in case of any dispute or Court Case, or for the updates in Labour Law UAE. Shareholder of a business company called LLC Business Company is only responsible up to of his shares in the company’s capital. But if he makes a scam or fraud then he is also responsible or only responsible for the fraud, he has committed. Check with business lawyers to get the latest updates. There are many Law Firms in UAE offering experienced corporate lawyers. When a pregnant woman goes on her maternity leave, then she can not be terminated. If she is terminated then she might ask for wrongful termination compensation. Therefore it is recommended to consult the legal consultants before hiring or terminating the employees. When an employee completes his contract and he does not want to renew his contract then he should be paid with his End of Service and other unpaid amounts at the time of VISA Cancellation or before the VISA Cancellation. As per the Law, it can not be paid after the VISA cancellation. The employer should be very careful while paying end of service at the right time, it can provide the option to the employee to take necessary legal action. The employee should also not accept the condition that the end of service will be paid once the VISA is cancelled. The court does not accept this justification. It does go into the favour of the employee as well if he makes a mistake like this, though still, he has the option to take the matter to Court.

Labour & Employment Lawyers in the United Arab Emirates should be consulted by both parties e.g. Employer and the Employee. Wise and rational people whether they are employers or the employees, always consult the legal consultants before the situation turns to a dispute. It helps them to grab the legal advice they could make a good decision. Good Decision means whatever the requirement is. Sometimes you have to serve the notice and prefer the outside the court settlement, while sometimes you have to take a direct legal action to take a quick action for saving the time if there are the chances that the employer or the counterparty may run away. Let’s say if there is a case of bounced cheque then, the lawyer will decide which case should be filed first whether Criminal or Civil or Criminal and Civil together. Therefore it’s a good idea to consult the lawyers/legal consultants first.

Law Firms: Legal Consultation

Nowadays there are many online legal journals are also available where people might get the information. We believe just to read and then understand, there are two different things. You can read online but you can not fully understand because technical terminologies are not easy to understand. So better do prefer the consultation or a meeting session with the attorney. Many Law Firms offer consultation sessions, where a very elaborative knowledge is provided. One should always take the rational decision. Legal Blogs are a good source to get legal knowledge. These are a good source to be updated and get the real idea about the modern-day law. Last but not the least, Blog Posts are only to provide awareness. When someone has to take legal action then he should consult or check with government institutes or lawyers, for the latest updates and amendments.