Labour Cases

Labour Cases

June 4, 2022

Labour and Employment Cases are registered online in Dubai, by using the Dubai Court website. Cases are registered for the First Instance Court, where an initial memo and case documents are registered. MOHRE issues a court referral paper which is used to register the case. Power of Attorney is also uploaded in the system. 5% of the claim amount is charged as a professional fee from employer. Minimum Fee is 500 AED and a maximum of 20000 AED for the employer. 5% of the claim amount is also charged from the employee where a maximum fee is not more than 20000 AED. Claim Amount must be more than 100, 000 AED for the fee implementation.

First, Second and Third Courts

First, Second and Third Court. These are three courts in UAE. For reaching to Appeal Court, the Claim amount must be more than 50000 AED. For reaching to Third Court or Cassation Court, the claim amount must be 500000 AED.

Different Disputes

Labour Disputes can be of different types. These types can be as follows:

Please consult the Labour and Employment Lawyers first, before starting a labour and employment case.