Unpaid Gratuity

February 10, 2022

An employer owes to the employee his or her unpaid gratuity, at the time the employee resigns or is terminated. As per UAE Labour Law revised in February 2022(It has been revised before but just implemented in Feb 2022), the gratuity and all the end of service benefits should be paid within 14 Days of visa cancellation.

Labour and Employment Lawyers in Dubai and other parts of the UAE, will tell you about the calculation and how the gratuity is calculated. UAE Law Revision 2022, has also revised the process as the new employment contract is only 3 years fixed contract.

Employees can file the case, against the employer in Dubai Labour Courts if the gratuity and end of service benefits are not paid. MOHRE is for Main Land Companies and Free Zone inside authorities for Free Zone companies, in order to launch the labour complaint.

ASK Labour and Employment Lawyers/Advocates or Legal Consultants in this regard. Grab the information first in detail. Grab the information then plan to step in Dubai Labour Courts. As far as UAE Labour Law is concerned then let us tell you it will justice you. Please note that point if the employee is terminated while on leave then he has the right to ask for the gratuity for the days because it was a unilateral action.