Property Law Lawyers in Dubai

March 4, 2019

A person living outside in UAE, has a property in UAE, can sell legally without any issue. He just needs to provide POA to a person who has Emirati ID Card and that person can be made authorized as per Law to sell his property. It might be a residential unity, commercial property or villa. But he will attest POA from Embassy from his own country first, and the same POA will be attested from UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The private POA will be made for this purpose and there is no need of General POA here. It should be noted that just Private POA. Lawyers in Dubai can be assisted for help or monitoring the matter as per Law. It also makes the seller and POA holder to avoid inconvenience or trouble which might happen in selling the property transaction.

The employee has to pay compensation in case of damages

If a loss is occurred due to attention or un attention of the employee then the employer can deduct from his salary the cost of the equipment, product or machinery. As it is stated in Federal Law No 8 of 1980, Article 61 that employer is entitled to receiving the damages occurred by the employee. There is nothing wrong with this.

Recover Down Payment

If a developer of the property is not registered in Decrees of Properties then he can be asked for returning the Down payment. Additionally, he can be taken to Court as well for Fraud. He is not authorized in any sense if he is not registered to do any real estate or property deal in UAE.