Construction Lawyers

April 27, 2022

As per the name, the word “Construction” tells us about the process of making the commercial and residential buildings and the name lawyer tells us about the legal profession. So, the lawyers dealing in “Construction Matters and Disputes” will be called Construction Lawyers.

Construction Industry is one of the biggest parts of Dubai Economy as well as UAE’s Economy. It was not just about building up the commercial and residential properties for UAE citizens or for those expatriates who want to live in UAE. It was also meant to and it is meant to build up a luxurious place for the people around the world, so they could live here and enjoy luxury and comfortable life. Therefore, Construction Industry becomes the biggest industry in Dubai as well as in UAE. It deals in construction and engineering. It has to make sure that there is nothing wrong and justice prevails in this industry too, like other industries.

Construction Law Firms

Many Law Firms provide professional services to this industry known as Construction Law Firms. These Construction Law Firms are hiring the best lawyers and legal consultants known as Construction Lawyers and Construction Legal Consultants. These Construction Law Firms and Construction Lawyers offer professional and comprehensive solutions to construction disputes. These Construction Law Firms help the developers, buyers and sellers in:

  • Inspecting Properties
  • Checking with Land Department
  • Drafting and Checking Agreements
  • Drafting and Checking Sales Purchase Agreements
  • Dealing with Court Cases in Civil Courts, Land Department, Rental Department
  • Resolving the disputes between sellers and buyers
  • Facilitating the Investors from other countries
  • Services in English and Arabic Languages

The Law Firm ASK THE LAW – Al Shaiba Advocates, better understand the Construction Laws in UAE and its requirements. Law Firm is best in making strategies, court case presentations and managing documents. Our approach is professional and better than others. Let us tell you that the construction industry is a complicated industry where the projects are around millions and billions. Such larger projects can’t be handed over to mid-level or start-up law firms.

Law Firms like Ask The Law Al Shaiba Advocates are needed to cope with such challenges because only such Law Firms can handle the construction industry cases. Legal Services for “Real Estate”, like legal advice, legal services for Court Cases, land department cases, and rental cases are also the part of Construction Industry.   

Law Firm Ask The Law – Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants, has a wide range of experience in different fields of Law. Therefore, the Law Firm is known as a Full Service Established Law Firm or No.1 Law Firm in Dubai and UAE. Law Firm is owned by “Most Senior Emirati Lawyer and Legal Consultant”, where discipline and quality are the first priority. Such Law Firms can be called as Construction Law Firms due to their expertise in Construction and Real Estate Industry.