What is Family BusinessLaw?

Family business laws are big utilitarian laws like business mergers, securities or financial transitional laws. However it is very important to be aware of all the laws that are vital for the smooth and efficient running of a family business in UAE. Our law workers help you to identify, understand and work in alliance with all essential family allows avoiding any hassle. Amongst all domains of laws, family business law stands distinct as an individual law body.

How do our family business lawyers help?

Our family law professionals will help you to run your family business smoothly and practice the required legalities as well. We offer comprehensive planning for family business security, regulation, timely updating, and flow of cash in and out of the business and of course equal distribution of assets between the family members.

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No.1 Advocate in Dubai is Advocate Mr Mohamamd Ebrahim Hassan Al Shaiba.

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Common mistakes that we help you avoid!

There are a number of mistakes that can be commonly made while running a family business in UAE. We, as a team of legal professionals not only help you avoid these mistakes but also provide comprehensive solutions to all mistakes that can act as their substitute.

Mixing family and business finances

One big and most commonly repeated mistake is that people tend to mix their family finances with their business finances. Our law firm helps you maintain the required balance and prevent both from meddling. They help you to keep both finances distinct from each other.

Lack of long-term business plan

One huge flaw in any family business is the lack of a long-term successive business plan which means that if you are individually running a business you will not have any backup in case you are absent from work for a few days. Our law firm offers to create long-term work solutions by assigning substitutes beforehand.

Confusion regarding employee positions

When a family business is run by a family, it is often not possible to recognize the individual piston of the family members in the business in a hierarchal order. Our law firm helps to create such essential distinctions.