Getting Married in Dubai

March 22, 2022

Dubai and UAE are the best places to live with family. It is the best place for women to live here. Protection and safety available here, can’t be found anywhere else in the world. All it brings several families to live here and stay here for a long time. People who are locals citizen have residence visas or the expatriate also prefer Dubai for getting married in dubai. Getting married in Dubai or Getting Married in UAE, require you to follow some important steps. For Muslim Marriages, the marriage contract has to be registered in Court. For Non-Muslim Marriages, they have to contact their embassies. sharia law in UAE is for Muslim Couples. Sharia Law in UAE is one of the best laws in the world to protect human beings and guard their rights. For a better understanding the Lawyers in Dubai or Legal Consultants in Dubai. These Advocates are known as Family Lawyers in Dubai .The important steps can be described as follows;

getting married in Dubai

For Muslim Marriages:

  • Islamic Marriages are arranged based on Sharia Law UAE which is also Islamic Sharia Law.
  • Husband and Wife are Muslim or Husband is Muslim but the wife is not, these are the Islamic Marriages.
  • Muslim Lady can’t marry a Non-Muslim man. It is also Sharia Law. Therefore such marriage is not allowed in UAE.
  • Muslim Males are allowed to have four wives. Polygamy is allowed here in UAE, which is also as per Islamic Sharia Law.
  • Age must be 18 years and woman can’t be double of groom age.
  • They both must be agreed and be happy. They have to be there.
  • No Objection Certificate or bride’s father or guardian permission is required. If it is not available, there will be no marriage.
  • The divorcee in case of divorce has to submit the divorce certificate/judgement. The same way the widow lady who is going to be bride has to submit the death certificate of Ex-Husband.
  • A test which is called Marital Screening is required.
  • Local UAE National Woman who wants to get married to an Expatriate, she has to obtain permission from Father or Guardian to get married to an expatriate Muslim.

For Non-Muslim Marriages:

  • Their Country Laws are applicable.
  • They need to contact the Embassies.
  • One of them must be having a residence VISA.
  • If the lady is visiting Dubai or UAE then she has to go through a medical screening. Residents already get the VISA after going through medical screening. 
  • For Dubai, one of the parties must be having residence VISA. For other Emirates, all the parties having residence VISA means husband and wife. For Details Visit the Official Site of UAE Government or Read More here about UAE Marriages or Dubai Marriages.