June 4, 2022

Surrogacy is the legal agreement between a woman and couple or between a surrogate mother and the person where she is agreed to deliver a baby for a couple or a person. As per the agreement, she does not remain the mother of the kid and the kid is given to his real parents. Usually, the women are paid for this surrogacy job. A woman carries the sperm of the father. Her eggs are fertilized by the sperm provided by the father(biological).

A technically surrogate mother is the biological mother. Sperm by the donor can also be used for the same surrogacy purpose. It’s the traditional method by the way. However, the IVF method allows that mother eggs and donor/father sperm can also be placed in the uterus of the surrogate. It came to attention when medical clinics made an alternative arrangement for couples where the woman can’t give birth to a baby. The first successful case came to attention in 1985. For legal terms and conditions, the lawyers for this work are called Surrogacy Lawyers or Surrogacy Advocates or Surrogacy Attorneys or Surrogacy Solicitors.

Surrogacy in UAE

There is no surrogacy Law in UAE. UAE government does not allow any Surrogacy contract or the process in UAE. Such agreements or the process can be treated as a Criminal Offence against the UAE Law. There is a proper Article in Law in this regard. Article 356, Federal Law 3 of 1987 does not allow any kind of surrogacy agreement directly or indirectly in UAE. Surrogacy or Adoption processes are not allowed in ISLAM as well as in UAE because Sharia Law is implemented here. Do not commit any mistake which is against the Law in the United Arab Emirates.