Nursing in Dubai

April 25, 2022

Nursing in Dubai is a serious career. Dubai is one of those places where this profession is well respected and provides an opportunity to earn well. The city expansion has created the opportunity for several professions and Nursing is one of those. Salary is decided as per the experience of the Nurse. The UAE Nursing experience can let a Nurse have options to earn well and get the respect well. Nursing in Dubai or Nursing in UAE (for all other Emirates) has the same pattern and criteria. There must be a professional education, and license.

DHA License

A Nurse is required to have a work license from Dubai Health Care Authority. She can’t work or have a Nursing Job unless she gets a license from DHA. A male can also be a nurse and the same criteria apply to him. For convenience, we are using examples of female candidates for the Nursing content in this article. Nursing candidate has to apply for a license to DHA. DHA or Dubai Health Care Authority was created in 2007. A DHA exam has to be passed for getting the license.  

Professional Nursing Education

Now there are several Universities in UAE offering Nursing Education. These Universities offer top-class theoretical education and practical training in Nursing. These Universities are also connected with DHA and several hospitals to create a real professional value for the students. Especially the Universities in Dubai have a very good name in delivering the Professional Nursing Education.

  • Though this is a professional education followed by a professional career. But the Nurse has to keep in mind that she is going to serve the patient and she has to do her best.
  • Nurse has zero margins of mistake like doctors. One minor mistake made by doctors and nurses can generate a life risk or any other serious trouble. Therefore, no space for a single or minor mistake.
  • Maternity Nurse can also be hired privately during pregnancy.
  • BSN or Bachelor of Science in Nursing is the standard University Education in UAE up to graduation level. If an applicant is an aspirant for higher studies, then higher education is also available.

Rules for Expatriate Nurses who want to work in UAE

  • First of she should have a passport.
  • She must have a Birth Certificate, attested by concerned departments in the native country and UAE. (The way it is required as per the procedure).
  • Professional Education or Registered Education Certification or Diploma
  • Experience Letters
  • License from DHA

Contact Law Firms

Though, Law Firms can’t be involved directly. But if the legal requirements or the procedure need to be grabbed then Law Firms can be hired. For example, Ask The Law Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants, is one of those Law Firms in Dubai and Law Firms in UAE, committed to serving people in any kind of their general and special legal requirements. Lawyers and Legal Consultants hired by such Law Firms are the core team from the region. Therefore, they make the process easier and provide good knowledge followed by the services. When an employee is not aware of the rules then he or she must consult the lawyers before the arrival and before starting the job here in UAE.