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June 24, 2021

What to Do when salaries are not paid on time?

People start doing jobs with positivity, but with time they are disappointed by the employer. There are employers who do not give salaries on time. They discriminate against their employees and call them bad names, even. In many cases, the women face sexual harassment too. So, when all of these issues come in the company, the employees need to raise their voices, but they don’t because they fear losing their job. UAE Labour Law suggests that one should contact MOHRE or a Free Zone Authority, to immediately lodge the complaint. At this stage, Labour and Employment Lawyers can be consulted. When a reconciliation session is conducted then lawyers from both parties are not allowed to participate. Therefore, first, the consultancy should be arranged then a reconciliation session should be attended. We suggest that employees should not close the complaint just based on the fake promise given by the employer or his manager that unpaid salaries will be paid shortly. If Article 120 is applied by the Employer then employees do not think that it can’t be challenged in Court. You just need a good Lawyer and this immediate termination based on the lame excuse can also be challenged. As we suggested above that employees should not take the complaint back based on the fake promise of the employer. We do suggest too that

Apart from this, there are certain situations in which a lawyer can help you. It often happens that due to cost-cutting, the employer would lay off a few employees. They can easily do that by providing those employees with extra money or a compensation amount. But, some of them do it in a rude manner. They would lie to their employees about their performances, so that employee would stress out and leave the job. Another situation could be accidents in the workplace. Some job natures are dangerous, and employees try to protect themselves. However, due to lack of safety, the accident happens at times. When anything goes wrong in the company, the employer takes responsibility and compensates the employee. Some employers don’t do that. In fact, they try to escape the situation in whatever they want to.  Therefore, when it comes to medical claims or any type of compensation, you should hire a labour lawyer.

It’s not a help, it’s their job: 

There are several Labour Law Lawyers and Legal Consultants in the United Arab Emirates, who can help you in your labour and employment disputes e.g. unpaid salaries, unpaid gratuity, unpaid end of service benefits, unpaid profits, bonuses, sales benefits as well as other disputes like labour ban, absconding, immigration issues and more. If you think that you have become a victim of the above-mentioned problems or any other problem related to work, you should discuss it with your lawyer. He can make things easier for you, lawfully. They are not helping out you, this is their job. When you are going to pay a Lawyer then it does matter he is Emirati or Non-Emirati. 

Employment Lawyers For Litigation: 

The lawyers in dubai are professional and well experienced. There is no doubt about it. They deal with the client very well if you know your case well. Among them, a few lawyers do not charge the fee if they don’t win the case. It is called a contingency fee plan. You would be the luckiest of all if you find a lawyer who is either providing free legal consultation or affordable rates. It is always good to hire a lawyer beforehand because then you really don’t have to worry about handling legal cases. You cannot fight the system alone. You will need someone on your side who can manage it all, legally. Whether you are an employee or an employer, lawyers are willing to help in both cases. No one can actually memorize the Labour Laws, and so these Labour and Employment lawyers will do justice in your case. There could be many problems with the company. Usually, the employees require lawyers. Whenever there is wrongful termination from the job, the employee is really stressed out, and he does not know how to deal with it. Therefore, the labour lawyer is required, who will get complete compensation to the employee for the rest of his life from the employer.

Drafting the Employment Contracts:

On the other hand, some employers are professional and they need lawyers who would do employment contracts for the company. Other than drafting the employment contract, those labour lawyers make manuals for the company and its future employees. The handbook is provided to every employee to know about the company and its rules. Basically, those rules are made by the labour laws, but if an employee has an issue, he can refer it to the handbook. The employment lawyers in dubai also deal the international clients if they need any help with general issues in the workplace. There are problems that are globally shared in every job market, and you can talk to any lawyer about them. But if you are really looking for a labour lawyer, it is better to find someone in your area so that you can meet him every time you have details to discuss. Make sure that the evidence you are providing your lawyer has factual details with all the evidence. If you miss any evidence, there are chances that you will lose the case anyway. Also, you must note down all your questions in one notebook and take them with you in every meeting so your confusion is cleared.  

There are people who think that a lawyer is required for criminal cases only. Some would really mock the lawyers and call them “liars”. In actuality, the lawyer is the one who can legally represent you in the court or anywhere. He can assist you in establishing your business, make your marriage/divorce legal and also work on the family dispute related to property. A lawyer is your friend when it comes to taking legal actions against anyone. Law firms in dubai are friendly and professional. They have well-trained lawyers for almost every type of legal case. The complication with lawyers or law firms is that you cannot find them easily. It is a bit stressful journey to look for the best lawyer. Before you search for a lawyer, it is important that you should know about your case. Supposedly, if you have a case of crime or fraud, you will need a criminal lawyer and not any other type of lawyer. You can ask your friends and family, whether they could recommend any law firm for your case. Sometimes, you might get good references, and so you may meet the lawyers after shortlisting them.

When you are meeting the lawyers, you should know whether you are happy and satisfied in the first meeting? Was it a comfortable environment for you? Questions like that would matter for your case, because if you were not comfortable or if the lawyer did not understand your case, then it is useless to be in that place. The law firms in Dubai have a good reputation and they are also flexible with the payment methods. If you are in the UAE, you must visit a few known law firms in Dubai, and get to know which one suits you. Most of them are willing to negotiate the price as well. If you present your case interestingly, they might give you a good price because those lawyers also want to handle cases that are best for their career. You must choose a lawyer wisely, and in the shortest possible time.

Ways to Know: New Law Firms, a Serious Business:  

Nowadays, it has been seen in the UAE that many law firms have been opened up. In every corner of the street, you will find a lawyer having a small office setup. It is good that more people are coming in the legal market, but people get confused with so many choices. There are people who are looking for a lawyer or a law firm for the first time. They have no clue how to begin their search for legal services.
There are a few characteristics that can tell you how can you choose the best legal services for your case. But, before you begin your search, just get to know a bit about your case. You should know the type of your case, and the story about it. Those law firms are interested in your case story. Therefore, you must represent a good story. Talking about the characteristics of law firms, reputation plays an important role. It takes ages to make a reputation, and a second to break it. People would recognize only good law firms or lawyers. The common people make the reputation of those law firms. You can ask your social circle that if they can recommend you a well-reputed lawyer. The chances with a well-reputed lawyer would be that you may win the case. Moreover, you need to know about their work environment. You are not working there, but you need to know what type of work environment do they have. To know about their work culture, you have to make a few visits to the law firms that you have shortlisted. Some of the lawyers work at a slow pace, and some work at a fast pace. You should meet the lawyers, and ask them about their credentials. The law firms in dubai do not hesitate to provide you with their credentials. In fact, they proudly represent some of their certificates, so that the clients would know a bit about their work. Choosing a law firm is really stressful, therefore you must ask for personal referrals.

Note: Our Content in this Post/Article/Blog is providing Legal Knowledge, Idea and an opinion that can be different than your subject. The Legal Advice by the Emirati Lawyer e.g. Advocate Mr. Mohamamd Al Shaiba or anyone you want, should be acquired first, before taking a decision.