If you have not been Paid

September 3, 2020

If you have not been paid, then you have Labour Rights. You can open a Court Case or try to resolve the matter amicably. You provide your services to your Employer in advance, and he or she has to pay you in return. It needs to be considered that you do offer the service in advance and you are paid later. You were hired because the employer had the need for expertise and you were chosen after conducting the interview sessions. You proved yourself and you were hired, therefore the employer did not take pity on you or give you a favour. It can be called a chance or opportunity but it is not a favour indeed. All we want to say is that the Employer can not exploit you. Labour & Employment Rights are provided by every Country to its people or even expatriate workers. The implementations can be little or poorer in less developed countries, but developed countries do not compromise on this point. UAE is one of those Countries where Labour Law policies are really maintained and strictly implemented. You can consult Labour & Employment Lawyers to know about the UAE Labour Law and get legal advice. Emirati Solicitors in Dubai and UAE, by Emirati Law Firms, are committed to providing you legal services in this regard. These are the professional Law Companies and their business.

It is seen that many times Employer terminates an employee without a valid reason. UAE Labour Law states that the employer has to serve a warning letter to the employee if he or she is having performance issues, discipline issues, behaviour issues etc. If an employee’s actions are creating a disturbance and causing the company to lose potential sales, business, operations etc then the employer has the right to terminate the employee, but by following the criteria defined by UAE Labour Law. It will be considered as unfair or wrongful termination otherwise. This is how UAE Labour Law protects the employees. But if an employee has breached the laws, company rules and limits then he can also be sued by an employer for compensating his or her loss. Similarly, unpaid salaries, end of service benefits, other benefits, etc are the payables an employer has to pay the employee and if he or she does not pay to the employee then the employee can lodge the complaint in Ministry of Labour if the company is Mainland of inside the Free Zone authority if the company is Free Zone Company. It is referred to Court as Case if the reconciliation sessions are not proved successful.   

It is not available for Labour & Employment Matters. If you are living in UAE then you might have to counter many disputes e.g. Family Disputes, Civil Disputes, Criminal Law Disputes, Property Disputes, Financial Disputes and More. Therefore you might require the Family Lawyers, Commercial Business Lawyers, Rental Lawyers etc. You have to file a Lawsuit or you have to defend you have multiple options to acquire the legal consultancy to legal support by the Emirati Law Firms, Lawyers and Legal Consultants. These Law Experts are mostly the experts of their domain, experts of their field, have spent a large number of years in their domain and recognized as experts who can resolve the legal disputes as soon as possible. It takes time to reach this level. Therefore do not try to be smarter while entering in court alone and defending your case alone. You should better hire these law experts who are running law offices called Law Firms. It’s good if you prefer hiring an Emirati Law Firm. It’s good if you prefer hiring Emirati Lawyers and Legal Consultants.   

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