When you Finally need Attorneys

May 6, 2020

An Employment Lawyer is a Legal Advisor or Labour Law UAE expert for the companies and employees working for the companies, for labour and employment-related issues. The core job is to provide expert advice and resolve the conflicts between the management and workers. These attorneys looking after every legal matter and provide solutions for every kind of labour dispute. It might be resolved through outside the Court or through the Court, it needs to be decided by the attorney. Individuals always hire when there is a requirement, but for the businesses, the requirement can be different. Businesses may hire on case to case basis, may hire a team of Labour & Employment Lawyers, may establish an internal department or acquire the services from a Law Firm.

It is good to be associated with a law firm or have any legal support because then you don’t have to worry about anything in your job. You will have to talk to your legal advisor about your business or employment contract and act upon his strategy. The labour lawyer might do specialized cases, for example, he might be working for the employers only, or maybe the employees. A Law Firm can certainly take responsibility better and more than others. Therefore it is suggested to hire law firms rather freelancers or independent lawyers if you have to hire the attorney on an urgent basis or non-urgent basis. When to finally hire the attorney, there is no hard and fast rule for this but, we believe law firms or lawyers should be consulted, before moving ahead.  

In most of the cases, the employees have more problems at work. It is because the new employee will take time to adjust, and he might feel paranoid if he is not given a warm welcome. Often, such employees are teased by other people at work. They would not talk about it, because they fear to lose their job. However, if you have become the victim of discrimination or harassment, then consult the labour lawyers. If you are thinking that most of the times employees are innocent and employers are at wrong, then trust us, it’s a wrong perception. If we have to define in percentage then we must say at least half of the times, the employees are wrong and acceding the limits. However, Labour Court is available for both parties, whoever wants to go to court, they can even both and file the cases together. Last but not the least, better hire the attorney before it reaches to its least level, which means get it started from a legal consultation. Expert Adviser saves the people from taking foolish and wrong decisions.  

It is also noted that Employees might also be discriminated against based on their race, religion, and caste. The same goes for the harassment. The same applies to the situation. The employee can acquire the services of Labour Law Firms or Labour Lawyers. He also has the right to notify to Labour Ministry. No one should tolerate these dreadful acts. Labour Dispute does not mean unpaid salaries, dismissals, unpaid gratuity, it can be many in types. Work Place Harassment, Racism, Religious Intolerance is also not allowed at the workplace. If anybody is victimised, then he is given the right to lodge the complaint against the accused. Labour Law UAE makes sure that everyone working in the UAE is protected. If you need further assistance then many lawyers and law firms are also available in Town. 

Make sure that the lawyer you are choosing has good experience in dealing with cases similar to yours. They must have an exceptional success rate. You must be comfortable with him while discussing your case. He must be a good communicator; means he must be able to explain to you everything in plain English or Arabic. First Consult the lawyers and grab the legal opinion. You must be sure about the matter. Then when required hire the attorney. The right time is also predicted by the attorney. Some times they advise you to be patient, some times to serve the notice and of course some times to escalate to Court Case. But it’s sure that once you get a dispute you need to touch a Labour Law attorney.