Employment Lawyers and Family Lawyers

January 19, 2022

Labour and Employment Lawyers:

Labour and Employment Lawyers are booked for getting the UAE Labour Law advice and court services for the legal cases. The legal cases a labour and employment lawyer has to deal with can be of different types. A brief explanation can be as follows;

  • End of Service / Gratuity Cases
  • Unpaid Salary Case
  • Harassment Cases
  • Labour or Immigration Bans
  • False Terminations
  • Work Place Politics causes reputational damages
  • Unpaid Profits
  • Labour Leading to Criminal Cases

Apart from, the legal job the second important operation of a Labour and Employment Advocate is to manage the documents. The documents of a business, employment agreements, internal agreements, etc. Labour and Employment Advocates are not just meant to appear in Court Cases. There are a few other important aspects of their professions as well where they also perform the obligations as;

  • Working as Lawyer or Full-time Employee to an Organization or in Organization.

Family Lawyers:

Following a family dispute, the parties involved often encounter several disputes and pressures. Several times the issues revolve around assets, property, or estate disputes. If you have any such legal family issues the family lawyers in UAE will assist you in obtaining a decent settlement, especially the family lawyers in dubai. They extend their support to the individuals on a range of family matters including;

  • Marriage
  • Divorce Cases
  • Child Custody Cases
  • Property Cases/Real Estate Cases
  • Joint Proeprty Casers

For Muslims, Sharia Law is used to make decisions. For Non-Muslims, the law of their religion, or the place the marriage was got done between the couple. In this regard, the Family Law is quite flexible for the citizen living in UAE. A family lawyer offers direct access to the clients. They are well-known for their extensive litigation and experience in the UAE market. We take pride in ourselves for being called the market leaders in the legal profession. All the credit goes to the vast knowledge we possess concerning the local market. We understand the dynamics very well along with the wealth of knowledge that allows us to prosper.

A family attorney provides dedicated and compassionate advice to the clients concerning their family matters. They offer experienced guidance to them which protects their interests in the best possible manner. Besides, they have proficient knowledge of the local UAE courts and know how they operate. They ensure the solutions that best suit the client’s specifications. Their valuable assistance is crucial to prevent any further legal complications that may occur if the matter lingers on for more time. They offer legal solutions that help them in achieving family-related goals. For it, effective and creative legal solutions are implemented. Family lawyers have the necessary resources to assist the client and thus, offer them the right direction to move forward.