Determine the Choice of good Lawyers

August 12, 2020

Determine the Choice of good Lawyers

Determine the Choice of good Lawyers, yes it’s important. If you are in dubai then dubai provides you with professional and talented lawyers to prove your innocence or to defend yourself. Well, not every lawyer in dubai is the same. Apart from this, it does not apply to Dubai only, the entire UAE has good Law Firms and Lawyers. They have specialized in different fields of law. Most of the lawyers are working as specialized lawyers of a field and known as e.g. as Criminal Lawyers, Family Lawyers, Labour and Employment Lawyers, Property Lawyers and More. Let’s take an example of Criminal Law Lawyers or Criminal Lawyers. If you have committed a crime or offence or you have to face the false allegations, then get prepared to hire the lawyer, having expertise in Criminal Law. He is supposed to be experienced dealing with the Police Department, Public Prosecution and Criminal Courts. He also needs to have a good knowledge of Civil Courts. When you have been accused of a theft, a forgery, or maybe trapped in a scam then trust us you need a lawyer. Criminal Law, Criminal Cases etc are quite technical things which cannot be handled by a person himself. You definitely need a lawyer. You will need a criminal lawyer for the above-mentioned scenario. Therefore, you should know the questions to be asked by the criminal lawyer to make the best decision. To begin with your questions, it is better to note down it in a notebook so that you do not forget those questions. You must ask about his practising years at work. Yes, it is important to know his previous work experience.

Check, if the lawyer has dealt with similar cases like yours before? If not, then you should look for another lawyer. It defines the level of expertise and the level of experience. It defines the level of competency and the level of quality. On a very safe note, we believe lawyers should have 10 years of work experience in dealing with Criminal cases similar to yours. You cannot hand over your case to an inexperienced lawyer. We repeat dealing with Criminal Cases as senior counsel not as a junior or working with the criminal law firm. The lawyer must be experienced and independent himself. You must move on to his areas of expertise, and ask him the number of jury trials that he has handled up till now. That would tell you if he is persuasive at work. Can he convince the jury for your case? Most of the lawyers in dubai know the strategy of handling the jury, but it is better if you confirm from them by asking a number of trials they have done. At the end of the initial meeting, you must ask him about the solutions, which could be discussed in the next meeting time. This will tell you about his work pace, patience and interest in your case. If you have talked to the law firm for your case, make sure that the lawyer with whom you have discussed your case shall lead it, rather he may give to another lawyer without asking you. As you are the client of that law firm, and investing money there, so you must be the part of decision-making. Professional Education, Certification, License etc are the requirements. We all know about it. But the most important element is the level of experience. You need to check the past few years, the lawyer has spent on which Cases.

Let’s share Knowledge

Let’s share knowledge with you as well. Article 120, of UAE Labour Law, states that employer can dismiss the employee without the notice period if the employee has presented his wrong identity, given wrong nationality details, fake documents and more. Though this is not possible because the UAE Immigration and Labour Ministry is very much smarter and advanced to catch these scammers. However, if any situation is created like this, then the employer has a right to terminate the employee without serving the notice period. If an employee causes a serious loss, damage, damage to reputation, financial loss etc then the employer has also right to fire the employee. But he has to inform to Labour Department within 48 Hours. He does not care for the Safety Precautions at the workplace which might cause hazard or loss to his life or lives of other workers and people in his surroundings. If the employee is caught as scammer, fraud and threat to national security. He has been proved as Convict by the Court. He shares the secret information of the company with competitors or with other sources etc. If an employee is also a threat and danger to the security of the UAE, the employer can terminate him and call the police. It is encouraged that security forces should be contacted first then the labour department should be contacted, for his termination etc.

It shows that there are many conditions where employers have the right to terminate the people. The employer can also take assistance from the Police Department and Security Forces if something is very risky and dangerous created by an employee or more than one employees. Employers/Companies should always have contacts with Law Firms in dubai or Legal Consultants, so when required they could get better advise and practical solution. Very Big Law Firms can hire full-time lawyers, law firms or legal consultants etc because they have a big budget for this. Small Companies can establish good relations with a good Law Firm and consult the legal company whenever required. Small Law Firm can acquire legal support whenever required. Small Companies usually have a small number of Cases and Disputes therefore it can be managed this way. But the Large Companies or Business Groups should think differently. Such a quality legal service cannot be hired on the urgent note, you need to hold it. You can hold it by paying annually the retainer ship or you may choose one law firm or permanent basis. Article 120 of UAE Labour Law stated above its only one articles of Labour Law which covers the employment disputes only. For other disputes, one has to check and consult the lawyer as per the relevant experience and as per the level of expertise, as it is understood that Criminal Law Lawyer cannot be an expert of Rentals, always.