Trade, Trade Laws and Operations in Dubai and Other Emirates

October 21, 2020

There is no need to mention trade, business opportunities in the UAE. We all know that UAE provides a platform for ambitious people who want to grow, and contribute to another world. We all know that if you are hardworking and creative then Dubai and the UAE is the best platform for you to get your dreams true. But hold one it is not just about getting your dreams by any means. UAE Law only allows those who believe in hard work, ethical activities and fair trade. You can be behind the bars or can be deported otherwise. We suggest first you should consult good business lawyers or legal consultants about the business, its rules and how to set up a company. We also suggest that you should also consult the labour & employment lawyers, which helps you to decide about the hiring process, staff recruitment, hiring, firing and more.

UAE Exports and Imports

We all know that the UAE is a country which is fully rich in OIL production as well as other minerals. UAE’s major export which is more than 50%, based on OIL production and export. OIL is exported to other countries. Apart from this, Dubai and the entire UAE also create a business environment for investors. The environment is quite safe and friendly where the investment of investors is protected unless they do stupidity. You can open a company in Mainland or else, can also enjoy 100% ownership by opening a Free zone company. UAE is a part of WTO. UAE is also a partner with many developed countries and less developed countries in business, trade, investments and tourism. These import and export partners are from continents e.g. Asia, Europe, North America, Australia, as well as the Middle East. We will not name the countries here. But UAE is the trade partner and has agreements with developed countries from North America, Europe, and Asia etc. These professional and business ties make the UAE a universal hub and ideal location for business. So it is more than exporting OIL or other natural minerals. It is more than tourism. It is more than a business indeed, as well. UAE is a commercial and central hub in the world and the Emirates e.g. Dubai, Abu Dhabi is the ideal location for investors to invest their capital, start new businesses, buy property in UAE or even to live in UAE with their families. Like we said above, one should contact the good Lawyers and Law Firms in UAE, to grab the details, requirements and the initial knowledge first. UAE’s rule is supportive as well as very strictly implemented. Your carelessness and ignorance with the local Laws cannot be accepted as an excuse of not knowing or being new.

Other than exports, Dubai and other Emirates in UAE, are also the importer of goods. They import items e.g. food, machinery, metals, textile products, raw materials, etc. One can visit the chamber of commerce dubai and other chambers of commerce in other emirates, to grab the details. If you are an entrepreneur and having a business in the UAE then make sure that you need to;

  • consult the business lawyers first
  • having approval which is trade license first
  • having proper office space
  • having complete documents
  • having a license to operate
  • You have to finish the documentation required in the Free Zone, Main Land or in the Chamber of Commerce.
  • You will finish all the requirements

The geographical importance of ports e.g. Jebel Ali Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah etc. makes it an easy route for logistics and related activities. World’s best shipping and logistics companies are operating from and in UAE. They provide services to every corner in the world. Dubai is a stopping point where many export and import items of other countries are first stopped at Dubai then shipped to other countries. Many trade deals are done at Dubai, Abu Dhabi ports by the local companies or international companies with the local companies. If you are an entrepreneur then you can truly understand that this is not a dream indeed. If it is the truth then nothing can be better than UAE, to start your business career and become prosperous here. We just mentioned above, a few sectors and potential sources where one can invest the money. These sectors are or can be trade, import-export, logistics, restaurants, hotels, recreation, retailing, wholesale business etc. We have also mentioned above that safety in Dubai and UAE cannot be matched with any other country in the UAE. All such things make Dubai and the rest of the UAE an ideal destination.


Tourism is also a very major source to produce revenue. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, RAK, Fujairah, Ajman and Umm Al Quwain, all are the world’s best places to visit. This tourism and recreation industry produces revenue for the country and creates millions of jobs for expatriates as well as locals. So tourism is one of the key sources in UAE which helps the country as well as millions of workers and their employees. Burj Khalifa the world’s tallest building, Palm Jumeirah the man-made island and there are many other amazing constructions like this, attracts the millions of visitors to come here. Therefore the tourism industry also plays a vital role in trade activities.