March 22, 2022

Hiring or Recruitment:

New hiring or recruitment is the process of recruiting new employees when needed. A special department is made in the company for the purpose called HR. When a company does not have a proper HR department then senior managers can take the interviews and hire the employees. The recruitment process is all about wisdom. Biggest organizations also make the Labour and Employment Lawyers, the part of HR as the part of the recruitment process so the employment-related stuff could also be managed in a good manner. Employment-related process means, a process related to MOL. When an employee is hired or the process of staffing is performed then HR designs the training of the employee.

Recruitment Companies or Recruitment Agencies do perform the same process. These recruitment agencies provide the candidates for the interviews and these recruitments agencies also provide the final trained employee. Mostly these companies are hired by the small to medium level companies where the biggest companies prefer to work with their own HR department and the staff. If the medium and small companies can’t afford the HR department then these 3rd party or outsourced HR services are not bad. You should also read Headhunters for Lawyers in Dubai, and Lawyers/Advocates in UAE.

This training is part of the post-recruitment process. It means the MOL documentation had to come before the training process. Employees can be called at the workplace to start working when the residence visa is processed and the employment contract is signed. Labour and Employment Lawyers design these contracts, by following the rules of MOL. Apart from this, these Advocates in UAE or Advocates in Dubai also manage the Internal Contracts, Employment Hand Book, Offer Letters etc. A company can have more than one type of employment contract too.


Salary & Benefits:

It is said that better salary and benefits are the biggest reasons an employee move to another company. But it is not like workplace discrimination, harassment and the hectic environment can also be a few other reasons. Few people want to learn while working and when they are unable to satisfy themselves with intellectual growth, then they prefer to switch their jobs. Therefore, salary and benefits can’t be the reasons always.

The salary which is paid through WPS can’t be matched with the Employment Contract. People get different salaries sometimes than an employment contract. When they move to a new Company, then they use this difference in order to leave a good impression to new employers. New Employers are also curious to know about the total salaries including any kind of incentives and commissions, so they could decide about the future earnings. Employees can’t be forced or pressurized in this regard. New Company also has no obligation to reveal the salary they are paying to staff they are already employed. Better communication with HR, based on honesty will allow both parties to be benefited e.g. employer and the employee.

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