Public Prosecutor

December 9, 2017

Who is a Prosecutor?

The head legal representative is called Prosecutor in those countries where the court is involved in investigating the cases of every nature. The prosecution is responsible for the presentation of the trial on behalf of aggrieved against accused persons as the claimant. We should repeat that this is a system where the court is actively involved and typically the government is represented on behalf of the aggrieved party. Prosecutors are the expert lawyers and represent the public, hired and appointed directly by the court. Typically a prosecutor prosecutes a criminal trial when the suspect has been charged with allegations. Government Office for the sake of defending the aggrieved party hires a competent prosecutor to make sure the rights of the aggrieved party could be secured and if injustice or fraud had been done with the person then remedy could be brought for the aggrieved person.

Prosecutors are provided support by the government, therefore, they have distinguished positions and powerful status. Let us clear again the core job is to protect the rights of aggrieved especially in a criminal trial. The prosecutor or public prosecutor has protocol rights for the investigation because he has to represent the Government Office. His access to police, security or government offices is flexible than the others. Privileges do not mean that he or she can spoil a matter for the sake of his or her personal interest. Director Public Prosecution is the in charge and heads of this all the operation that monitors the process for a possible and quick conclusion of every matter. It should be noted that these criteria or type is just for inquisitorial systems.

What is an Inquisitorial System?

This is a legal system where the court is actively involved in the investigation. This is a system where every trial is managed by the Court, and they are two players which are a prosecutor and the defence. There are two versions of perception, first goes in to favour and second goes against.

Dubai Public Prosecution

The prosecution in Dubai, UAE is keen to create a protective and secure living environment. As they have to be more active because more than half the population of the UAE consists of expatriates. It is a proactive and very supportive law for this environment where conflicts are very diverse in nature itself and needs to be treated very effectively. For the reference, we are giving here the Link so you can reach to Dubai Public Prosecution website.