Property Management Companies and Lawyers

January 9, 2021

UAE Law does not cover only the Business and corporate matters, employment matters, criminal matters or just the major matters. It also covers the Property and Rent related matters. Dubai, and the other Emirates of UAE, are one of those places in the world, considered as best and high priority places to buy the property and invest in the property, due to many reasons. These reasons are quite uncountable, but few of them can be mentioned e.g. best ROI, safety, beauty, international standards, best facilities etc. Therefore it was also felt that the Property and Rent Laws should also be made on high priority as well as to implement with strict implementations. Land Department is created to deal with all the process, matters and disputes related to property buying/selling while Rental Department deals with rent-related cases.

Property Management:

The Registration of Tenancy is made compulsory through EJARI. Created by RERA, the EJARI is an online program for any kind of properties in the United Arab Emirates. Facility Management or Property Management is a quite popular source this regard. We all know that UAE is a place of peace and discipline where everything is managed in discipline and with discipline. Therefore Rules and Regulations are also defined for such companies, property owners, tenants etc. All such process and rules are to make sure the security of the rights and investments of those people who are related to buying/selling and renting the properties. The “Management Contracts” between the owner of a property and the company who is managing the property known as a management company would also be discussed here. This contract between the two parties, tell about the responsibilities, details, obligations, rules and the services. The maintenance, damages, and other necessary requirements are also mentioned.

For Ejari registration purposes, a property which is owned personally by the person managing does not generate the need for a trade license. The company who manages the property needs to be registered in DED for performing the activities like leasing, managing etc. Let us repeat here again that the owner who manages the property himself does not need the license to manage the property. But if the owner decided that he will hand over the management to a Facility/Property management company then he has to make sure that the property management company is registered in RERA and they have license/authority for property lease, and management. All it shows that where the rules are made for property owners, property buyers, landlords and tenants then the rules are also made for those who manage the properties as a third party. The Facility Management companies, the Property Management Companies and the Real Estate Companies are not free from rules, regulations and the punishments if they breach the Law.

The Legal AID

We also know that all it is difficult to understand by a layman when it needs to be started or it needs to be taken to Court in case the dispute arises. Here the job of Lawyers and Legal Consultants in Dubai and UAE come into the scene. The Legal Consultants or the Lawyers by the Emirati Law Firms specialized in Property, Rental and Business Laws do help the property owners, property manager, real estate companies, buyer, tenant and everyone. Whatever the dispute will be, all is resolved by these lawyers. For a legal dispute, it is not necessary that only serious crime cases or forgery cases need lawyers. Property related issues also need to support by lawyers and legal consultants.

Why The Experts:

First, the law is quite strict, nobody will think to bluff people because if he does so then he has to face the punishments and penalties. If a dispute arises then lawyers are needed. But hold one which lawyer would be hired? Even if someone offers you the services who is expert of Labour Law UAE and belongs to UAE, then you should avoid hiring the Emirati Labour Lawyer for the property matters. All you have to do, to conduct proper research, so only the right lawyers could be contacted for the right job. The local citizen lawyers are good but make sure that right lawyer as well. Dedicated or biggest law offices chain can help this regard. The chances of the wrong representation do not exist when market leaders like Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants are hired. There are many other Law Firms like Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants, who can be hired for Labour, Civil, Criminal, Rental and Property cases. Such Law Firms are employing the Emirati Lawyers and specialized Lawyers. It means if you need an expert Employment Lawyer then you can easily get from there. Good Law Firms make sure that case is properly filled, defended and managed from the start to final verdict. Therefore the chances of risks are less and success are higher.