power of attorney

Power of Attorney

March 30, 2022

Power of Attorney

POA or Power of Attorney means to authorize a person, agent or company. There are a few types of POA or Power of Attorneys like Special Power of Attorney and General Power of Attorney etc as well. A person who can legally act on behalf of others, because he is authorized is called an Attorney-in-Fact. The Authority of the person or agent can be limited or fully in practice. What is a POA or Power of Attorney indeed:

  • It is a legal document where one person is provided with the power/authority to act on behalf of other people with his will, to perform a few actions on his behalf. General POA can be restricted while SPA or special power of attorney provided almost full authority. However, it also depends upon the script in POA or Power of Attorney. Draft Special Power of Attorney, Draft General Power of Attorney is drafted by Law experts usually.
  • The principal is not available, it is mostly the reason. We prefer and recommend people should take every decision and action on their behalf. But if they are not available, then this can be exercised.
  • When the principal is available but he is not healthy, disabled, and physically not active to work, then Power of Attorney is drafted as Durable Power of Attorney. Durable Power of Attorney is the POA where Attorney-in-Principal is continued to represent the disabled person or the person who is not physically well. Anyhow, both conditions are temporarily unavailability. Let’s discuss the types further

Special Power of Attorney

Special Power of Attorney is POA, where the agent is provided with the legal authority to deal with specific matters. It is a POA where the Attorney-in-Fact has the specific rights or limited rights to perform a specific job or to deal with a specific job.

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Special POA might also provide your Children to take the decision on your behalf. But the scope here at SPA is not broad. It can also be mentioned in the script when it will be valid, and how long it will be valid. Set all the terms and conditions first with the agent or the person. POA is a sensitive and important instrument therefore it should not be shared with everyone.

Special Power of Attorney for Real Estate

As per name for the Real Estate only. Matters related to buying, selling, looking after, or dealing with the rents.

General Power of Attorney

General POA, is general in nature. It means it gives permission to the POA holders to act in any law which is made legitimate by law. A person or Agency can act in legal cases (Advocates), property matters and cases, financial matters, banking sectors, real estate buying selling, and more.

Durable Power of Attorney

As stated above the Durable Power of Attorney is the power of attorney in which the agent continues to represent the disabled person or the person who is not physically good.

HCPA Health Care Power of Attorney

As per the name, this POA is for health matters and sectors e.g. when decisions are about health matters and related matters. For example, in any hospital in Dubai, DHA etc.

Financial Power of Attorney

As per the name, a POA allows the agent to manage the business, corporate and financial matters. He is allowed to make the decisions. However, the content of the Financial POA also matters to the extent of the authority the POA holder has.

Notary Public (For POA Notarization / POA Attestation)

  • Notary Public is a government body to notarises the POAs. It’s a government department that notarizes this piece of paper and checks its legitimacy. Now the Lawyer’s ID is also required and the POA can also be notarized online. A general POA can cost you around 120 AED. POA Attestation online, makes the attestation and notarization process convenient.
  • Let it be made by an attorney. POA template can be acquired online, and taken from others but it’s better if the POA is made by a Law Expert known as a Lawyer, based on your requirement. A Legal Consultant can also help her, as this is just documentation.
  • There is a Fee that needs to be paid to Notary Public. Check with Notary Publics in this regard.