Legal Services of Lawyers in Dubai

December 13, 2020

Legal Services of Lawyers in Dubai

The Lawyers/Advocates/Attorneys use to manage a wide scope of Labour & Employment issues/disputes and the Cases which are related to how employers treat employees, salaries on time, performance issues, behaviour issues, fail to meet the targets, stealing, cheating the company, previous workers and candidates for the business, as well as the cases filed by the employees against the employers. This incorporates all e.g. business representative relationships, dealings, and aggregate understandings. Lawyers or Legal Consultants, and their legal services are much in the favour of both parties. Let’s throw the light on Labour and Employment Advocates. 

The Labour and Employment Lawyers in Dubai manage businesses, the association, all type of profit and non-profit companies, employees, labours etc. They provide legal counselling and support. They help to establish the legal department as well as the HR department. They manage the entire organization or they also entertain the employees with quality legal services. They draft the company and employment letters. The draft employment agreements, MOA, MOU, Contracts, and many other things. The legal advisors help the executives by doing the following tasks:

  • Review the employment agreements.
  • Drafting the Offer Letter, Employment Agreements, Internal Letters
  • Reviewing customer representative handbooks, manuals and strategy proclamations. 
  • Assisting with government and state documentation. 
  • Representing and Training the HR,  Law Managers, and Operations Managers to manage operations as per the Law especially in services like Goods Transportation, Export, Import, trade overseas, and more.  
  • Training of the managers to understand the Labour Law, Business Law and Taxation rules in the region.
  • Providing a portrayal of complaints and giving solutions to resolve those complaints. 
  • Counselling on issues e.g. Strikes, Unions, Court Cases, Compensation Cases etc. 
  • Managing Court Cases in all the Courts.
  • Establishing legal departments as well as HR departments.
  • Serving the Notices and answering notices
  • Managing business cases, cases in prosecution, courts and complaints in Police Stations
  • Helping and training employees.

Hiring Labour and Employment Lawyers will help you in several ways as following:

  • Assess your legitimate rights – The lawyer will assist you with deciding if your rights have been disregarded or not, the qualities and shortcomings of your case, and the legal results of documenting a suit. Act as your legal mentor, by going about as your legal mentor, a labour lawyer will:
  •         clarify what laws turn out best for you and how to protect your right. 
  •         instruct you on the benefits concerning your case and will guide you. 
  •         give you input on court systems. 
  •         alert you not to do any blunder in court or expert meeting. 
  •         negotiate and manage all degrees of arrangement for your cases a

The Conclusion is simple:

The conclusion is simple. Business Lawyers or Employment Lawyers, are the real need of an established business in the United Arab Emirates. A Small or Medium business owner can not feel a need for hiring full-time counsel, or a legal department. But an established business, the department, is a need. So this point can only be understood, when one has an established business.