Legal Consultancy Services

April 12, 2022

Legal Consultancy Services

A legal consultant is a professional and expert of law who provides legal support and legal guidance to one who is seeking for. It means anyone who needs legal advice or an expert opinion around a specific subject and he hires a professional who is capable of helping him, then that professional will be called a legal consultant and the process will be called legal consultancy services. But the expert must be a professional and authorized to deliver expert legal advice or guidelines. The mandatory terms can be as follows:

  • Professional Education from a Recognized University Degree.
  • A License by the Bar Council or Justice Ministry (Depends upon the criteria set by country)
  • Certain years of experience

Legal Advisor

Such a person is called a legal advisor, legal consultant etc. Legal Consultancy Services can only be offered by the one who is authorized. Even a professional degree holder without a license and permission is not allowed to provide legal consultancy. In UAE or anywhere in the world, no one is allowed to share/provide legal consultancy. If he does so then he will be held responsible for breaking the law and breaching rules. A legal Consulting Firm made by a number of legal consultants, or legal advisors is always a need for businesses. Legal Consulting Firms can also be hired on an annual retainership basis.    

Business Legal Consultants

Business legal consultants are legal consultants who have expertise in corporate and business matters. For example, company formation, company setups, Main Land Company setup, Free Zone Company setup, Employment Documents, Recruitment, Investment Advice, Partnership counselling etc. These legal consultants are also responsible for dealing:

  • Civil or Commercial Cases in Court

Business legal consultants or corporate legal consultants are not only specified up to business or commercial activities. A full-service legal consultant can be helpful in multiple ways including business consultation, labour law consultation, real estate consultation, family law consultation or even cyber law consultation.

Legal Consultants are hired by common people, more than one people and organizations. Organizations hire legal consultants for the permanent legal consultancy services called Retainership. Retainership Legal Consultancy Services are only for:

  • Sharing legal advice
  • Checking documentations
  • Giving advice to CEO/Owners for taking decisions regarding hiring new employees
  • Assisting in HR and forming HR Policies
  • Drafting Employment Contract and Internal Employment Contracts for Employees
  • Managing Court Cases (if the legal consultant is a UAE National Advocate too)

Legal Consultancy is required when any serious consequences can happen. When a normal situation is going to happen then a person or company needs to get a practical solution. It will help them to cope with this legal challenge and be saved from its consequences. For example, if a person pays a developer for a property and the property is not handed over to the buyer then he can file a case against the developer. But this is not the right way.

Check with the legal consultant first, show him the Sales Purchased Agreement, and then based on his recommendation make up your mind. Decisions taken by yourself without having an expert opinion will or might put you in a situation that is worse than before. Another example is when you are planning to file a business or civil case. You never know about the estimation of loss or the course of action. Your course of action or estimation of loss can be rejected by the court. Therefore, let it be decided by legal consultants. Therefore, the legal consultancy service is very much important.

How to be a Legal Consultant in UAE:

  1. You have to be UAE National.
  2. Age must be 21 Years.
  3. Professional Education
  4. Experience
  5. License


Federal law tells us that an Advocate can’t practice in UAE unless he gets a license from the Ministry of Justice. License obtained from MOJ can be used in all the Emirates except Dubai, RAK and recently Abu Dhabi. These Emirates have their own judicial structure to issue the practice license. The further and latest criteria can also be checked with Economic Department. Lawyers from overseas can work here as Advocate/Lawyer but only UAE National Advocates are allowed to enter UAE Courts, therefore these UAE National Advocates are recognized as Advocates in UAE.

These Advocates (UAE National) can also open a Law Firm. UAE National Advocates are entitled to open a Law Firm in UAE. Criteria can be checked with Economic Department. All the processes of registration have to be completed.