September 7, 2017


Are you hired in Dubai? Congratulations! You are one of the luckiest employees earning money in UAE. You must be a foreigner and don’t know the local language, Arabic, there. Well, the employment contract must be confusing for you. That is because it is written in Arabic and English. Though you understand English, as the employers are fluent in Arabic, they make terms and conditions the way they find it easier to communicate with the clients. Anyhow, that is not a problem. The lawyers in dubai have come to your rescue. Yes, Dubai has a large variety of lawyers such as labour and employment lawyers, commercial lawyers, property lawyers, criminal lawyers, civil lawyers and immigration lawyers etc.

Employment Contract: Contact Employment Lawyers

When you are about to sign your employee contract, you must talk to your personal lawyer. If you don’t have a personal lawyer, then you should consult a labour lawyer. After all, you have to work in that place for at least a year or two. Therefore, if you think that something is not right or maybe you don’t get it straight, the labour lawyer will help you. In fact, the companies have their own labour lawyers who are working for the rights of the company’s staff. If you think that it is just a signature on an employment contract and why to make it complicated by hiring a lawyer for it then you must understand that the laws in UAE are strict. Once you have signed the contract there is no way that you can get rid of your job just like that.

Therefore, it is better to talk to the labour lawyer who understands your language and Arabic too. He will know the Labour and Employment Laws and he can tell you the alternatives of leaving the job if you want to. The Lawyers & Legal Consultants in Dubai are professional and expert in their domain. The biggest advantage of them is that they know Arabic and UAE laws, so if you are planning to get a job in Dubai or anywhere in UAE, they can help you to deal with your company matters.

Stay away from this wrong perception that legal counseling is not needed at all. Stay away from the people who spread false information in the market and the rumors. Legal Counseling is needed utmost even the case has not been taken to court. Do not wait for the time the case will be referred to court. Do not waste the time and wait for the case to be taken to court. Do not let the verdict come from the first court without a lawyer, especially when you are a business, a serious business. Do not let others take you right away from you. When you have assessed about the danger then your next action should be to fix an appointment with the Law Office. Emirati Law Office will be your best and rational choice. Time Delay will be your worse mistake in this regard. Paid Consultation is the right consultation by an experienced Lawyer. The Free Consultations are merely an exchange of words or arguments. Please Do not waste the time and find the best Lawyers in this regard. The wastage of time means;

  • Lose your narrative
  • Waste the time
  • Waste your energy
  • Waste the money
  • Waste the potential
  • Lose the reputation

All it makes the legal consultation, mandatory and important. The Importance of legal consultation can be judged through one thing that the very mega level businesses book retainer ship session with Law Firms only for Legal Consultations or Document Review. It let the businesses save high cost and get better utility than a one time job.