Juvenile Lawyers in Dubai

March 10, 2022

Juvenile Lawyers in Dubai

Juvenile Law is a law that has to deal with the actions of people who have not reached adulthood. In Short, they have to deal with the concerns of people who have to be adults yet. Such persons are also called Minors. As per the Law, such people are or can’t be declared for criminal activities or criminal verdicts. This age limit is 18. Well in different parts of the world it can be different (Age Limit). Juvenile Advocates or Juvenile Lawyers, are the specialized of Juvenile Law, who have legal abilities to represent the minors or non-adult people in court. Courts can also be different for such cases and such persons, known as Juvenile Courts.

When such Lawyers are hired?

When a minor commits a mistake or goes beyond the law or makes a criminal offence, then like others, he has to appear in court, most probably in juvenile court. The time comes when the legal representation of a Juvenile Lawyer is required. Such Lawyers ought to be experts in Criminal Law and Civil Law too, though the juvenile court proceedings are civil court proceedings. It means a Juvenile Law Attorney needs to have expertise in the Criminal Section of Law as well. Another term is also used for such advocates, child advocacy lawyers. If you are looking for a Juvenile Lawyer, then you are reading the right legal content. Ask The Law – Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants is the best law firm for juvenile law.
Let’s throw the light on those crimes or a list of crimes a juvenile lawyer needs to be hired. A juvenile lawyer has to be a master of juvenile law, civil law and criminal law. When a minor can’t be charged, he is ruled with a status called” Delinquent”.

· When a minor runs away from the home.
· Shoplifting

· Minor Stealing
· Absence from Education known as Truancy
· Alcohol Consumption in minor age
· Harming government rules and policies
· Breaching government policies/security policies/peace policies
· Many Others, Check with the Lawyers, as per your area/country.

When a minor is declared a delinquent after court verdict then the court has the right to give him the punishment or not. It is a common perception here, that when a minor is sent in imprisonment or behind the bars then there are more chances, he can convert to a full tome convict or gangster. Therefore, they can be sent to, juvenile punishment centres or with some other punishments which will also provide training to a minor to be a good person, unless he has committed a serious crime like murder or done anything against the state like he gathers sensitive country information, or murder some.

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