Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property and Patent Rights

October 29, 2022

Intellectual property means everything about Logos, Slogans, Trademarks, Patents, Ideas, Inventions, Creativity, Images, Symbols, etc. It is created for the Intangible Assets of a business and to protect those intangible assets of the business. For example, to protect Copyrights, which means the rights of creators e.g. for music, painting, publishing, etc. Patent means is an exclusive right granted. The owner of the commodity or the entity has the everlasting right to the product or entity unless the product or entity is sold to another.

Federal Law, 11 of 2021 which is the Patent Law, and later it is rescinded and replaced with Federal Law 17 of 2022. As per the Law, any patent must be a brand-new invention. It should not be taken from any other invention partially or fully. It will be rejected if the patent is found copied or partially copied. UAE has much-advanced technology to find out such things. If there is a new invention, then patents can easily be granted.

The Federal Law Article 7 also states that Patents will not be granted if there are few conditions/cases found for example; Animal biological methods, animal treatments, and surgeries, human surgeries, and treatments, some conventional methods, natural productions like minerals, things from nature, secret information, things bad for the humankind, etc.

The Ministry of Economy is the place where patents are filed. Therefore, MOE is approached, where the required details are submitted. These details are descriptions, details, logos, slogans, titles, sizes, images, etc. MOE also has a requirement that it should be submitted in two languages, e.g. English and Arabic. The total time period is 20 Years. But renewals have to be paid every year.