Intellectual Property & Patent Search

April 17, 2022

Intellectual Property, Patents, Copyrights, and Intangible Assets are the hot debates in the modern world. Branding is much more powerful than in the past. It has not been like before and now it has a million- or billion-dollar value. People sell their names, their franchise, and copyrights for billions of dollars or rent them at heavy prices. All of it enhances the importance of intellectual property advocates in the world. The UAE is not free from this. UAE is one of those developed countries where intangible assets are considered due to their valuable existence in the UAE market. Patent Search, Copyright infringement, patent registrations etc, all must be checked with Intellectual Property Rights. Because Patent Search, Copyright infringement punishments, patent rights, Intellectual Property etc, all can be addressed and explained by lawyers better than a self-understanding. We will discuss here Patent Search, Intellectual Property Rights, etc.

Product Invention

If you are a product inventor, then this is your right to save the product. It is your right to secure your intangible property, branding and its value. Initially when a product is invented then it has two kinds of impacts:

1)    When it is invented or created by an established company. It will have value from the beginning.

2)    When it is invented or created by a startup then it will not have any value from the beginning. But you never know that it might be converted into a huge success. It means, better to protect it from the beginning otherwise it will be like that example where a song is written and composed by one singer but released by another singer who takes all the credit of this song’s success. Intellectual Property rights will also consider the person who registers the name and buys the patents first.

IDEA is nothing as long as it is in your brain. IDEA is nothing as long as it is not executed. When an idea is converted into an invented product or some amazing service then it also needs to be registered. It is a process of concerned government departments like Dubai Economic Department in Dubai to get this work done, but lawyers are required to file the patent and register the logos, slogans and targeted territory descriptions. When a patent is filled then it protects your idea, your product, your efforts and your hard work. Patent Writing can be a brainstorming initially. Intellectual Property Lawyers and Law Firms they are from, help you in this process. They help you in the submission of the request, registration, fee payments, documentation and more. While writing the patents please keep in mind that:

  • Always hire a professional lawyer who has been into this for many years.
  • A lawyer who truly knows about it.
  • There must be. Proper Art research first.
  • Lawyer and Artist collaboration is a must.
  • It must be clear and not vague. It means it should not have two meanings or not be clearly expressed.
  • Hire a lawyer who is also a registered patent lawyer. It shows that an Intellectual Property Lawyer must be a registered and authorized patent lawyer.
  • Choose a suitable name of the invention.
  • Double-check it is not stolen, copied, pirated, stolen or contradicts with others.
  • It must be a unique invention.

Appropriate execution of the documentation is not easy work. This entire complicated process must be performed under the supervision of a Patent or Intellectual Property Lawyer. As we mentioned above, initially it will not make you put emphasis on patents etc. But when these inventions turn into a profitable business then the inventor finds out the true meaning of patent registration from the beginning. Nowadays when the world is moving towards the online business and people are also interested in shopping online, then the patent registration matter has also been raised in its importance.