Importance of Legal Consultation

August 4, 2020

Importance of Legal Consultation

You are a well-established businessman in the UAE, and your business conditions are very good. It means you are having high sales volume, high revenue, good profits and good business projects. Therefore, you must be employing a large number of the workforce as well. When you are managing a large number of workforce then it will certainly generate Employment Disputes. There is no way you can get rid of or can save yourself from these Employment Disputes. It generates a need for Labour & Employment Lawyers. These Lawyers and Legal Consultants by the licensed Law Firms are meant to entertain the Clients with result-driven services. The client always needs to see the results. But Client has to hire the correct legal service provider himself first. Once the good Lawyers and Legal Consultants are hired then the reputation of the company would be in safe hands. When you need Labour & Employment Lawyers then the very first step would be the Consultation. 

Why it is Important: Legal Consultation by Emirati Legal Consultants

Legal Consultation is a very important step before going further. It helps the Clients in many ways e.g. it provides the real idea, it provides a legal solution, it provides the case study, it provides the legal knowledge. It tells you about the Course of Action Required, it tells you about the Chances of Success, and it tells you about the outcome. A Legal Consultation Session, with the relevant and experienced legal consultant, makes it quite easier for you to understand where do you stand and what would be the probable outcome. As far as professional Lawyers, Legal Consultants and the Professional Law Firms are concerned then they will start providing legal services from Legal Consultation. Please keep in mind that there is always a difference between Legal Consultation and a Meeting. The meeting is only an exchange of words and Consultation means to provide Legal Knowledge in depth. It means to deliver all the legal ideas, technical points and the ideas about Court Case. Therefore there is a difference between a meeting and a Legal Consultation. Legal Consultation Session spreads every aspect of the matter and makes it easier for the Client to understand. When you get proper knowledge, then you are in a position to represent yourself properly and your lawyer can not trap you as well. Here it comes to another point that you can consult more than one Legal Consultants. It will save from being trapped by the Lawyer and might also make you able to represent your case in court yourself. Sometimes few Small Companies, and individuals, who are not willing to understand the reality of the situation, proceed without getting expert help, which leads them towards the ultimate loss. This loss might also affect the reputation and goodwill which is earned in centuries.

Labour & Employment Disputes: Labour & Employment Lawyers

Moreover, Labour & Employment Disputes are not the only disputes. A Business can also have Corporate Disputes, and sometimes others as well like Property Disputes, Rental Disputes etc. Legal Consultation by relevant and professional legal consultants are also required for these disputes. Labour & Employment are not the only disputes a business can have. Financial Disputes sometimes prove bigger than Labour & Employment Law disputes for few businesses. Let’s say if you are a service provider and you cannot charge a full fee because of the nature of your fee, then you can have many outstanding which might be in Millions sometimes. You do need expert sessions of consultancy for these disputes as well. These Lawyers are called or can be called as per their domain. It means that if the Lawyer specialised in UAE Labor Law, is called Labour & Employment Lawyer, then it makes the same sense. If the Lawyer is an expert of Family Law then he can be called Family Lawyer rather than to be called only a Lawyer. You do not have to be confused on terminologies or the way these lawyers are called. But you need to know the priority that how lawyers should be hired. Yes, of course, the UAE market is also full of Professional and Non-Professional Lawyers. Therefore once has to know how to distinguish between an expert legal consultant and inexperienced legal consultant. The very first tip is to hire a Law Firm and your worry will be finished. Law Firm has a name and a registered platform, therefore, cannot cheat clients. They can hide a few things from you just for commercial purposes, but they will not bluff like a non-professional or that freelancer lawyer who only cares for money.  So do not be confused especially if you are a layman and going to acquire the consultation or court case services very first time in life. Well reputed and Emirati Lawyers will always charge you. Please do not compare these lawyers with freelancer lawyers if you really care for your matter and your stance.