How much a Wife can ask Alimony

February 16, 2022

How much a Wife can ask Alimony:

If a husband does not pay the alimony to his wife, which must be a reasonable amount as per his earnings or as per the reasonable need, then he gives a reason to the wife to get a separation or ask for the divorce. If the husband pretends that he is not able to pay and is found guilty later then the law says a quick divorce is possible. If he could prove that he is in a difficult position, then the judge can give him 30 days to settle the things. UAE protects the rights of women more than any other country in the world. Do you know any country where any woman can easily live, work and spend time even alone? Yes, it is the only United Arab Emirates. All the credit goes to local emirate governments and UAE federal government.

Alimony is defined by law under Article 67, where it is always payable to the wife by the husband and there is no relaxation here. If it is not paid then the court can also give an order that it should be considered as Debt. It shows that it has to be paid by the husband at any cost. The time period it is not paid, it has to be paid and it will be considered as payables. Recently a new standard of fixed payments has been introduced where a woman may ask the alimony as per the defined amount by federal law and different emirates. Family Lawyers in UAE can help more in-depth to understand it.

Latest Fixed Amounts set by the Law – Alimony Amounts set by the Law for the Wife زوجة:

“”However, as per the Law, a wife can get alimony between 700-1000 AED if the income of the husband is less than 5000 AED. She can claim 800-1200 AED if the income is between 5000-10000 AED. She can ask for 1200-1500 AED if the income of the husband is 10000-20000 AED. She can ask 1500-2500 if the income of the husband is between 20000-30000 AED. She can ask 2500-3000 AED if the income of her husband is between 30, 000 AED-50, 000 AED. She can ask for 3000-5000 AED if the earning is between 50000 AED to 70000 AED or 5000 AED and more if the income is 70000 AED and More. The debt should not be more than three years. If a wife is not paid for the last 4 years then she can only ask for 3 years.“”

Needs to be proved in Court:

A woman has to prove to the court what is the status and financial level of her husband. If the condition of providing proof will not be there then despite not being paid by the husband, a wife can raise a false claim. Everyone will say that their husband is earning millions or billions. Therefore it is necessary to meet and consult the Family Lawyers. They will tell you about the approximate claim, chances of success and course of action. It will save time and the wife can get the best verdict from the court.