false complaints in dubai

False Complaints or Accusations in Dubai

July 20, 2022

Filing a false complaint is strictly penalized and punishable in Dubai, especially if the person filing the complaint is aware that a crime has not been committed and the complaint that they are filing is a false complaint. The penalty for filing a false complaint ranges from a fine to imprisonment, depending on the situation. If a right is given to file the complaints, then it does not mean anyone can open any complaint against any person or the company. It has to be proved, will be trouble for the complainant otherwise. There are many reasons for a complainant to file a false complaint. However, almost all the reasons are related to harming the victim against whom the false complaint is filed. It is essential for a victim of a false complaint to consult lawyers in dubai first, who can ensure that the victim does not suffer unnecessarily as a result of the false complaint. These Advocates and Legal Consultants by good Law Firms like Ask The Law – Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants, will share the future consequences, course of action and the estimated chances of success. The types of allegations or false complaints are:

  • The complaints or the allegations are absolutely false.
  • The complaints or allegations are partially false.
  • Planted Events, False Complaints, A Drama Created, Conspiracy etc

Such Cases are rejected by the Courts in Dubai and UAE, and it also provides a ground for the opposite party to open a Civil Case of defamation and compensation. Therefore, before opening any case, please check with good legal consultants and lawyers from the top Law Firms in Dubai, obviously the UAE National or Citizen Lawyers. Sometimes, you have no bad intentions but you open a baseless case, which can go against you certainly. If a person files a false complaint, certain factors and points have to be ensured to take legal action against the complainant of a false complaint.

  • The person has filed the complaint
  • The complaint filed by the person has the potential to result in a penalty
  • The complaint was filed at a judicial or administrative office, which has the authority to take legal action
  • It is apparent that the complaint was fake
  • The victim has to prove that the complainant filed the complaint to harm the victim and knew that the complaint was false before filing the complaint

It is very important to realize that if a false complaint is filed against an individual, the individual is responsible for proving that they are innocent and that the complaint filed against them is a false complaint. Furthermore, the victim has to prove that the complaint was filed to harm them. Therefore, it is advisable to hire lawyers in Dubai, who can legally handle the problems arising from the false complaint and can take the necessary steps against the perpetrator of the false complaint.

Online Defamation

UAE Cyber Crime Law, Under Article 20, it is mentioned that any person who insults another person or puts false accusations, by using social media, or any online medium, will be punished by the public prosecution. It can be imprisonment, fine or both. Fine can be 250, 000 AED to 500, 000 AED. Any kind of offensive statement, abusive material, breaching personal interest, privacy, or bad commenting, all come into this. Nowadays people are having too many disputes on What’s App, and they sometimes badly insult the people on What’s App, therefore WhatsApp defamation and insult cases are coming a lot. Let us tell you that Law is punishing people, with fines and imprisonment.

Check the Advocates or Legal Consultants

This is what we always suggest and recommend to others/seekers please consult the Advocates and Legal Consultants first. They will always give the best advice and will save from taking the wring decisions.