Extradition Law

April 18, 2022

Extradition Lawyers in Dubai

Extradition is a Law in which a person is removed or set free from criminal punishment or criminal charges. Extradition Law is the mutual agreement among countries or between countries. It’s a legal and national law of countries which is used to make ties with other countries in which by using this Law people are removed from criminal punishment, prosecution punishment or charges. Afterwards, they are handover to the countries they belong to or the country that has requested for him or them. Lawyers expert in Extradition Law is called Extradition Lawyers. Extradition Lawyers in Dubai are the most popular lawyers in UAE.

How does Extradition Law work?

It works when one country, requests another country for the support to arrest a person who is a wanted or criminal in requesting country. That criminal is handed over to requesting company by removing the charges. The requesting country treats him as per their Law, Rules and Verdicts given by Courts. That is why it is said above that Extradition Law is among countries or between countries. When there is an Extradition Law signed between two countries then they can exchange or hand over the criminals to requesting country where the criminal belongs to. 

Mutual Agreement between countries

One important thing also needs to be understood that the crime committed by the demanding criminal, must be accepted as a Crime in both countries. If it is not a criminal offence in both countries or either country then Extradition Law cannot be signed between both two countries or among countries.

Federal Law # 39 of 2006 – Mutual Judicial Co-operation

Federal Law # 39 of 2006 throws the light on Extradition Law in the United Arab Emirates. UAE also has ties with countries but not with all the countries in the world. The suspected people who have to be exchanged through Extradition Law can contact the Dubai Lawyers and Legal Consultants experts in Extradition Law. The handover of these suspects can also be challenged here if the UAE has a tie-up with the requesting country, and UAE has to hand over the criminal/criminals.

A good UAE Lawyer having knowledge of Extradition Law, can help in providing legal advice on Notices, Court Proceedings, Extradition Proceedings etc. Before submitting any kind of request from the requesting countries we suggest consulting the Extradition Lawyers in Dubai. There are several talented and quality lawyers in dubai and advocates in UAE for the purpose. Experienced Lawyers in Extradition Law, will also have to assist the lawyers from requesting countries. Lawyers from requesting countries should check with Extradition Lawyers in Dubai or Extradition Lawyers in UAE first.

Extradition is different from normal law as it has to deal with two laws, and two jurisdictions. Therefore, the Extradition Lawyers have to be experts in those two jurisdictions. Advice on letters, extradition proceedings, handing over course of action and extradition case proceedings, an Extradition Lawyer must be at home in it. Extradition Cases are complicated cases therefore the advocates must be Extradition Expert Advocates or Lawyers. Extradition is a legal cum political type of Law. Usually, criminals are not allowed to enter another country’s territory and if they are entered then requesting country should not ask for a person who is living in another country without any crime or criminal charges. But an alliance among countries help them to control the crime and punish criminals this way.