Divorce Law Sharjah

April 14, 2022

As we know that Law is Federal, therefore the Family Law in Sharjah is the same as it is in other Emirates. Sharia Law is followed and implemented here by UAE and it is implemented in all the Emirates equally. Law is Federal therefore Sharia Law is the Personal Status Law in Sharjah too like Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc. As per the last amendments of UAE Law, Non-Muslims can choose their country law or the place where they got married. Non-Muslims can also choose, Sharia Law when they prefer to choose Sharia Law. Divorce Law in Sharjah is Family or Personal Status Law UAE.

Divorce is a turbulent time for the about to be an estranged couple and the children alike. Both the parties involved in a divorce proceeding are naturally disturbed in their life handling. Moreover, they are subjected to handling many legal matters that implicate a result of the will to take or give divorce. Hence, to make this emotionally disturbing time a bit less stressful for both parties, experienced divorce lawyers come into play. Family Lawyers in Dubai, Family Lawyers in Sharjah, and Family Lawyers in Abu Dhabi, all are lawyers available to help couples in their respective Emirates eg. Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi. A Lawyer can also serve in other Emirates, which is a separate subject. But all the Emirates have expert lawyers and law firms. Law Firms are known to be as Family Law Firms or Full Service Law Firms. Along with divorce, a couple can ask for:

  • Alimony to Children
  • Alimony to Wife
  • Child Custody
  • NAFAQAH not paid before
  • Joint Assets Distribution

Intervention of Professional Entity:

The intervention of a professional entity eases not only the legal aspects of a divorce but also comforts the client emotionally. Moreover, they guide their clients regarding many sensitive issues that arise as a result of the legal dissolution of marriage. Parents always prioritize their children, no matter what. Therefore, they are most concerned about their future. Moreover, they wish to get custody rights to nurture them and build a better future for them in their capacities. In such matters, the role played by credible Divorce Lawyers in Sharjah is pivotal.

The Law Professionals:

The law professionals list out the factual standing of the client’s case file. They help the clients in understanding their legal rights, responsibilities, and restrictions. This critical analysis helps them draw claims for compensation and custody rationally. The court of law acts in the best interests of the children in such divorce-seeking applications. Hence, the lawyers help the client ascertain the do’s and don’ts in law when claiming for the child’s custodianship, financial maintenance, or important decision-making power regarding their life ahead. If an inexperienced lawyer is hired by either of the divorce-seeking parties, it is bound to harm the case file. The improper handling of such delicate divorce matters destroys the future of both the individuals involved in a divorce. In case the couple has any children out of the marriage, the situation becomes far worse for them.

Consequences Post Divorce:

The termination of marriage, whether done by mutual consent or the individual will of either of the parties has many far-reaching effects. The consequences of divorce have an impact on the physical, psychological, communal, and professional well-being of the parties involved. Not just do the parents go through an emotionally tough time but the children also have to face many complicated scenarios. They undergo many situations that have an impact on their personality, career, and life choices as well as emotional, physical, and psychological health. However, not all beings come out as warriors and winners in such rough life patches. There are children who are affected negatively when their parents are legally separated. So, they indulge in wrongdoings and abusive habits. On the other hand, some children take serious motivation out of these life-changing events. Hence, they focus on building themselves and their lives in a positive and successful light.

It is all about individual choices, actions, reactions, and responses. All these factors can make or mar the future opportunities in life. Law professionals impart awareness to their clients regarding the implications of their moves, decisions, claims, and aspirations regarding their divorce application and processing. It helps in planning out a better sketch of their lives ahead with their children.