Divorce Cases of Non-Muslims in Dubai

Divorce Cases of Non-Muslims in Dubai

July 19, 2022

Islamic Sharia Law

The laws in the UAE are based on Islamic Sharia Law and all the UAE Citizens residing in the UAE are bound to follow these laws and regulations because they are also Muslims and Sharia Law applies to Muslims. These laws also include the laws related to “Divorce” as well. Divorce comes under “Personal Status Law”. However, there are a lot of people residing in Dubai who are foreign nationals. They are residents of countries that have different laws and regulations regarding divorce, which makes it difficult for these foreign nationals to accept the conditions imposed according to the Local Laws in the United Arab Emirates. Therefore Islamic Sharia Law does not apply to these citizens. As per the amendments, now Non-Muslims can choose the law of their country or the law of the region where they got married. Keeping in view the possible difficulties for foreign nationals, foreign nationals are allowed to apply foreign law of the country where the marriage took place. However, “Foreign Law” is only applicable in UAE courts following the provisions stipulated in the UAE laws.

The Process of Divorce For Non-Muslims and Muslims

The process of divorce for Non-Muslim foreign nationals is initiated on mutual or contested terms. In case both parties agree on the terms of separation, the divorce is settled on mutual terms. In this case, either the husband or the wife contacts the family guidance committee, which is a part of the UAE courts. The committee begins the conciliation process and eventually both the parties sign a separation agreement, which defines the points of separation.

In the case of non-mutual or contested cases, the party filing for divorce has to provide the necessary evidence to prove harm. The court passes the verdict of either granting or not granting the divorce, after considering the evidence and testimony of witnesses.

Lawyers in Dubai, specialised in Family Law

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