Data Protection Laws UAE

February 10, 2022

UAE government has decided to make UAE the best place to live and the best place to do business. Every City or Emirate will be the world’s best place to live and do business until 2030. All is to plan the modern advancement and the development of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all other Emirates. Data Protection Laws have also been introduced in UAE. It will allow the people and companies to have better protection of their Data. PPD Law or also known as Protection of Personal Data. Data Protection Laws have already been implemented in several developed countries in the world. UAE has also taken this initiative. But secrecy is always maintained and protected by UAE Law, under Article 31.

Article 31 UAE:

It is mentioned as per Article 31 that any person or number of persons have complete freedom over their data by any source e.g. Email, Messages, Post, or even by any modern digital communication. But all these mediums must be acknowledged by the government. Few Parts of Federal Law # 5 of 1985 are amended, whereas the Civil Code is amended by Federal Law # 1 and 3 of 1978. We can understand this with one example. It puts the restrictions and the conditions that information can’t be leaked when an employee is terminated. Business Information can’t be leaked or shared when one partner leaves the business partnership. For example, even the Lawyers & Law Firms are not allowed to share the data of clients with anyone. It was protected through Law under Article 31, but now the introduction and implementation of Data Protection Law, has taken it to a very advanced level, where laws have been made as fully on an international level.

One point needs to be understood that like before the ADGM Abu Dhabi, DIFC Dubai, and Dubai Health Care City, having this Law with variations. These Free Zones always have separate Laws and systems, due to some special requirements. This law is implemented for every single individual(person)living in UAE as well as every company without the size of its operations/revenues. For Layman, let us tell you that PPD Law has almost equality and similarity with International Law. While using it or reading it, the person should not be confused that it is made as per UAE Law, where only expatriates will be brought in to notice and locals will be exempted. Laws are for everyone in UAE.