Cyber Security Laws

January 17, 2021

Cyber Security is essential now and no country can even think about the progress without having Cyber Laws and implementing such Laws. Government, private sectors, retailing sectors, service sectors, maintenance sectors, recreation sectors, banks, financial institutes even the defence department of states, all have the online presence and mediums to do business and exchange the data. All this need to be secured from the hackers so they could not steal the important, valuable and secret information and interfere in the financial transactions, with an intention to cheat and loot people or the companies. The State Level securities, the private level securities, trade, business, normal or secret information, in short, all need to be secured and protected with high priority. Therefore it all needs to be checked, monitored and protected by the government because such laws can only be implemented on a large scale level by the official authorities. Even such things cannot be outsourced to a private contractor. We believe it is a state-level security requirement for every country, therefore all the countries especially the most developed countries play a vital role here.

Cyber Laws are also implemented: UAE

UAE also creates and implements the Cyber Laws in UAE. Though these UAE Laws are almost universal in nature therefore implemented almost equally. It is also necessary because the lives of the people have been connected with technology. People are also moving online to Cloud for safe and better storage and the virtual meeting sessions where there is a huge risk to create safety measures. Though the service providers are also competent and provide amazing services of security government also have to put strict restrictions on the online scammers for the ultimate safety. It is the most powerful factor which can destroy the companies and market in a few hours only. Therefore the UAE government also makes sure that there should be no measure left behind taken for the true implementation of Cyber Crime Law and Cyber Crime control precautions.

Amendments in Online Selling Laws: 

Recently the UAE government also revised the laws of online selling. It was noticed by the authorities that many unregistered and unrecognized sellers were selling cheap stuff online, by using social media profiles and the websites. This business was being carried forward and managed by these mysterious businessmen without getting permission and the trade license. It was also an illegal business activity since the beginning but the criteria of evaluation have been made strict, checkings have been increased and the accused one will be treated with Zero tolerance policy. Now the revised rules stop the expansion of such business in order to create fair competition among those who are doing business legally.  Government declares a punishment, fine etc for such scammers and for these unrecognized and unregistered sellers. Government has also right to deport the people who are involved in serious and biggest online scams. Even a small fraud is found, the government has the right to deport the people if it is found that a person or company doing illegal business. UAE is quite lovely and friendly country but if you are violating the rules then it does not provide you with any flexibility as well. The Lawyers and Legal Consultants can easily be found to grab the legal opinion if someone needs to grab the legal information. It is also required when a person wants to start his business which can be depended on online sources and he has to know that what should be done to start a business without the hurdles. The Lawyers expert in IT and Cyber Matters, provide a comprehensive legal opinion cum options to people so they could be saved from any trouble in the future. It is also a truth that just due to ignorance many people do not consider the right approach which they are supposed to. Therefore, these Lawyers and Legal Consultants in Dubai, provide you with the knowledge, solutions and many more.

Like others, these Laws are also updated, amended, added and previous are made obsolete. Therefore the best recommendation is to book the legal appointment and get the latest information from the Lawyers expert in IT, Cyber Laws etc. It is a responsibility of every citizen or person living in the country to know about the rules of the country and know about it. If a mistake is made with this excuse that you know nothing then this excuse is not accepted. Therefore better to be aware of every law in the country you are living or doing business.