Social Media Data Breach

May 8, 2022

We will throw the light on “Social Media Data Breaches”, here. Cybercrimes or Hackers’ Activities can’t be stopped fully, in the world. They can’t be fixed fully. But precautions must be kept to stop these criminals and to be saved most. Hackers also attack corporate social media pages, business profiles and more. By doing this these hackers try to stop the social networking of people or companies and try to stop their operations. Companies, especially have to be aware of such threats.

“Data Breach or Data Loss” happens when attackers become successful to get access to your database or portal. Obviously, this is unauthorized access. This access is to a networking, computer, or even mobile phone. Where hackers get unauthorized access. Data which is stolen ends at a section which is hidden called DARK WEB. Though this is also a source of free communication mostly it is connected with business or profiles like drugs, illegal activities, murders, pornography, subversive activities etc. The user of social media portals is taken to these Dark Webs or sometimes to other websites and your data is shared on these Dark Websites.

FaceBook Data Breach

Before 2019 facebook declared that there was a breach of, 530 Million FB users. Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, addresses, interests and a few pictures were stolen and published to unauthorized sites. As per Facebook, it was from around 120 countries in the world including developed countries, less developed countries, and also from poor countries. Until now it was the biggest confession released by the Facebook management. Though it was fixed in the same month, the same year but there was a lot done after that in order to secure the data breach. Facebook also declared that there had been no leakage of financial details, business details or important details related to money.

Personal Data Breach

If there has been a DATA BREACH in UAE, then a Criminal Case and a Cyber Crime Case can be filled. DATA Breach is not just by the hackers only. Many times, it is the “Employees” who try to delete the data from a computer, copying through USBs, or external hard drives etc. Employers can file Criminal Cases or cybercrime cases against the employees. “Expert Reports” are to be made, sometimes auditors have to be hired and sometimes civil cases also need to be filled.

UAE Personal Data Protection Law 

UAE Personal Data Protection Law applies to those who are the residents of UAE, whether local citizens or the expatriate living in UAE. Any individual or company who keeps the Data comes under data protection law. The businesses operating from outside of the UAE, having the data of the businesses operating in UAE, also come under the data protection law. Data Protection Laws are implemented on all such individuals and companies. It states that businesses operating outside the UAE but keeping the Data and interests of locally operated companies with the connectivity will be held accountable. Government departments, agencies, and authorities are exempted from this. All the government sectors are regulated by the government rules and policies.

Personal Data Definition

  • A Data is something which is related to a person who can be given a name, identity, image, voice, online identity etc.
  • A Data is something which is used to manage business operations.
  • A Data is something which is a piece of secret information. 
  • A Data is something which is sensitive information.
  • A Data is something which is about sales, clients, information etc.
  • A Data is something which is for the future matters.
  • A Data is something which is for the consensus.

Even the data used in Emails, services, documents, etc all are different forms of Data. It can’t be stolen or used without permission by authorized users or owners.  

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