Criminal Law and Criminal Lawyers

July 14, 2020

Criminal Law and Criminal Lawyers

Criminal Law and Criminal Lawyers: Criminal Law UAE is the set of rules made by the government, defines Criminal Law, sentences and punishments of different mistakes, frauds, scams, financial scams etc. For any kind of breach, scam and fraud, always a complaint is lodged in the Police Department. Police take the necessary measures and forward the matter to Public Prosecution. The last Phase is Court Level where the Cases are resolved and verdicts are given. For Few Cases, Civil Cases also need to be filed. It means if there is a Case of Bounced Cheque then you need to file a Civil Case as well to get your money back. Similarly, Civil Law is a set of rules available to define Civil related matters.

The Law Firms in UAE

Law Firms in UAE having most experienced Lawyers/Legal Consultants to help out people in this regard. For a Layman, every Law is totally strange. He can’t understand even if he is very educated and competent. Therefore the experts are required like other services. It’s better to contact Law Firms directly, so you could easily get access to the best Civil Law Lawyers and Criminal Law Lawyers. Full-Service specialised Law Firms are the best option.      

Passport Confiscation

Article 45 of UAE Labour Law states that the Police Department and the Public Prosecutor has the right to confiscate the Passport of a person or to arrest a person if he is found in committing Fraud, Scams, felony, severe kind of brutal attack on someone, abuse, drug scene, weapons involvement etc. The Police Department and Public Prosecution have authorities to take immediate actions if they found someone in serious breach. The Police Department, CID, Public Prosecution and such departments are totally free from taking actions. They are not influenced by the Government, political persons etc. Each and Every person living in UAE can contact these departments/security institutions and get justice. This is the beauty of local law that it never lets you be alone.     

Criminal Lawyers help out you in scam, fraud, forgery, bounced cheque, insolvency, financial crimes, cybercrime, domestic violence, one to one fight, human rights matters etc. Everything which comes under offence, abuse, misuse, scams, wrong influence, fraud and treated wrong by others can become a Criminal Act where Police and Public Prosecutor can be engaged. Law gives protection, security and freedom. Law provides the solution, independence and support. 

Law is Federal in UAE

Law is Federal in UAE with little change in different Emirates only. It can be checked with the Lawyers and Legal Consultants, but generally, the Law is Federal. Usually, the complaint is lodged where the crime or offence happens. If the location is Sharjah then the complaint would be lodged and the case will be filled in Sharjah. Better to Hire the Best Law Firm for quality representation, so you could get the best results. It is also a challenge to differentiate between the quality lawyers and the immatures. It is also a challenge to differentiate the experienced lawyer and the inexperienced one. Well, we have published many useful posts on the criteria to hire lawyers and legal consultants. By following these criteria, once can certainly appoint the UAE’s best Lawyers. These Lawyers and Legal Consultants will certainly create a value and save the Client from a loss.