Compensation For Injured At Work Place

March 16, 2020

Federal Law No.8 1980 UAE Labour Law states that a worker/employee must be provided with compensation if there is any work-related injury, caused because of work. The employer has to pay all the medical bills e.g. treatment, medicines, consultations, transportation etc. Employees are also entitled to receive the Full Salary. This Law states that an employee is fully protected in UAE and he has the right to get compensation, salary, expense etc in case he is discriminated, terminated on wrongful grounds, not paid or if he gets an injury. This Full Salary can be throughout the treatment period or up to 6 months, based on the short course of time. Which one will be shorter, will be chosen to make the payment. Apart from UAE Labour Law, the labour & employment lawyers are also available to defend the narrative of people and businesses in the United Arab Emirates. Mostly the good Labour & Employment Lawyers are available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah but it does not mean justice is not available in other Emirates. It is available and also strictly implemented. UAE Labour Law is a perfect deal, combination of rules, set of amazing employment journals elaborating rules, conditions, restrictions, and penalties, which fully cover the people working in UAE. Credit goes to the Government of UAE.  

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Rational Choice is always based on wisdom. Wisdom means to discuss with others, check yourself and then take the decision. When it comes to legal support then, always, and always, the legal advice should be grabbed before moving further. Moving Further depends on your choice but the idea, the content to do something should be cleared in your mind. If you will be having some confusion, then it might lead you to a loss. Note: Blogs are the opinions, one must consult latest law, rules and consultants before taking legal action.