Company Formation in Qatar

May 9, 2022

Qatar is one of the most developed countries in the world. Qatar is quite popular in the Middle East and the rest of the world due to its rich opportunities and peaceful life. This attractive feature brings people across the globe, here in Qatar for doing business, open the Main Land and Free Zone Companies and buy the properties here. The biggest lucrative benefit is the tax-free and low tax systems. It attracts and brings foreign companies to open their offices in Qatar or to start a new company in Qatar. All such procedures are called Company Formation in Qatar or to Establish a company in Qatar. The following companies can be opened:

  • LLC – Limited Liability Companies
  • Limited Partnership Companies
  • Sole Proprietorship Companies
  • Holding Companies
  • Free Zone Companies
  • Joint Partnership Companies

International Companies can open a branch in Qatar by opening a Qatar Office. Special Article of Association and Memorandum of Association is formed which tells about the branch office in Qatar. But this is almost like opening a company in Qatar. For example, if you have a company XYZ in the USA, Canada, UK, France, Pakistan, India, China, or UAE and you also want to open its branch in Qatar, then you need to get the trade license on the name of a locally registered company. Special AOA and MOA are drafted, which are a little different than normal company establishment AOA and MOA.

The international groups who operate with the same name mention their brand names, slogans, and franchise names in the trade licenses or submitted to economic departments. An Article of Association is made, the company is registered in the economic department, employment agreements are drafted for hiring the employees, and advocates and legal consultants are hired. The company is also registered in the VAT and Tax departments for tax purposes. Check with Lawyers in Qatar, for further details.

Registration of LLC Company

Registration of LLC companies is quite simple. Name is chosen before the next steps are followed. Article of Association and Memorandum of Association is drafted. QAR 200, 000 AED is paid to the bank as security.

Holding Companies in Qatar

Established as Limited Liability Companies, where QAR 10 million, as minimum share capital is required. There is no withholding Tax which is the biggest advantage here. These companies have to be approved by the DOHA Ministry of Economy and Commerce. The process is not complicated. Check with DOHA Ministry of Economy and Commerce or check with a few good advocates in Qatar or legal consultants in Qatar. Bank Account needs to be opened in Qatar when a company has to be opened. Bank Account opening is also an easy process. Person’s passport copy, ID and company documents are required to open then Bank Account in Qatar. Do not forget to check with Lawyers in Qatar for further details or the services. There are many Law Firms having offices in UAE, Qatar, and all over the Middle East. For big businesses, it is always good to hire such Law Firms.